Rocking for a Reason: The Do It For Love Foundation

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Have you heard of the Do It For The Love Foundation yet? They’re kind of like the music world’s version of the Make A Wish Foundation. Basically, their mission is to take people who are terminally ill, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans to concerts that will provide them with joy, happiness, and inspiration in the face of their illness, trauma, or challenges.

Some of the big names associated with the Do It For the Love Foundation are Santana, Kings of Leon, Train and Blues Traveler. There are dozens of other, smaller musical acts that also work with, promote, and support the Do It For the Love Foundation.

But their efforts go beyond simply providing a person with a single, enjoyable evening. The Do It For the Love Foundation also encourages fundraisers and networking for the people they work with, helping provide support in both the emotional and practical realms.

Do you know someone who would likely benefit from the efforts of the Do It For the Love Foundation? You can nominate yourself or someone you know by following this link.

Here at Ladybud, we love the idea of a non-profit organization working to make the lives of seriously ill people, those who have suffered traumas, and wounded veterans a little better with music. If you think that this organization is awesome too, you should follow them on Facebook and make a donation if you are able to.


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