Petition: Don’t Leave Roderick Walker in Prison for Life over LSD

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Roderick Walker was sentenced to life in prison for LSD well over a decade ago. Now, this non-violent offender is the focus of a national petition to request his clemency and release from prison.

Roderick, called “Rudd” by his friends, was born in California to hippie parents, and was reportedly a devout DeadHead before he was arrested and incarcerated (according to the Clemency Report). Walker was charged with five other individuals, in what the feds claimed was an interstate conspiracy to distribute LSD. He even faced additional charges for talking about the drug on the phone.

The sickest thing about this case/ Roderick Walker was never caught with any drugs on him; he was never found to be in possession of LSD. Instead, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison based solely on the testimony of other people, including that of federal agents. The claim was that Walker was responsible for the distribution of an estimated 16,500 units of LSD, with that number coming from estimates of how much LSD was produced and an estimated dose weight of 0.0049 grams. There were claims he was selling whole sheets of LSD, but no actual evidence beyond witness testimony.

Rudd has been in prison since 2004. He has children that he isn’t allowed to live with, a family that isn’t allowed to be with him. After so many years in prison for a non-violent crime, many people feel that it’s finally time for Roderick Walker to be released.

If you are feeling inspired, you can send a letter or card to Roderick while he in incarcerated, to let him know he hasn’t been forgotten and that people on the outside are still concerned and fighting for him. His address is:

Roderick Walker
USP Hazelton
PO Box 2000
Bruceton Mills WV 26525-2000

You can also like the Free Roderick “Rudd” Walker page on Facebook for regular updates on the petition and Walker.

Please take a moment to visit and sign the petition for Roderick, which has already garnered more than 79,000 signatures at the time of this article’s publication.



Photo Credit: Free Roderick “Rudd” Walker Facebook page