Minnesota Mom Charged For Giving Son Cannabis Oil, Despite State MMJ Law

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Mothers with sick children understand desperation in a way few other people can; how do you sit passively by while someone you love suffers unnecessarily?  Angela Brown, like many mothers with a severely ill child, was relieved and grateful when her state finally approved and passed a medical marijuana law that would provide her son with much needed medical relief. Because she couldn’t wait for a year while her son suffered, she has found herself facing criminal charges.

Angela’s son, Trey, suffered from a sport-related traumatic brain injury in April,2011 while playing baseball. He was hit in the head with a line drive, and the injury that resulted has caused him constant pain in his head, as well as muscle spasms and seizures. Although Trey received excellent medical care, the cocktail of prescription drugs he was prescribed didn’t take care of his symptoms or his pain. Eventually, a doctor in an emergency room advised the family that they should research medical marijuana.

The family traveled to Colorado to purchase and try a cannabis oil treatment. In an interview with Huffington Post, Angela Brown stated that they could actually see the muscle spasms slowing down after they administered the first dose of cannabis oil. For one month, Trey Brown experienced all the benefits of cannabis oil. He reported that the pressure in his head was lower and that he had less pain overall. And then someone called the cops.

In April of this year, Trey’s medicine was seized and Angela was charged with crimes for attempting to assuage his suffering. After charging her with crimes, the county where the Browns live, Lac qui Parle County, sent CPS investigators to their home. Those workers questioned Trey about how much marijuana he was forced to smoke and how high he was made to be. He, in turn, advised them that he was using a cannabis oil, and it wasn’t getting him high, it was relieving his pain. CPS closed their investigation, but Angela Brown is still staring down charges related to the incident.

There is little question that Trey Brown has a serious medical condition that merits the use of cannabis oil. According to the Browns, there is no question that that cannabis oil treatment has been effective and beneficial for Trey.  Yet, somehow, Angela Brown is facing criminal charges for what is unquestionably an effort by a devoted and loving mother to take care of her son’s serious medical symptoms. The medical marijuana program in Minnesota won’t be in place until July 2015, meaning she and her son would have had to wait another year to see that this amazing plant would help alleviate his suffering.

The Browns are planning to fight the charges pending against Angela and then relocate their family to Colorado, where Trey can resume his treatment without fear of further prosecution and persecution. It’s too bad that Lac Qui Parle County and the State of Minnesota feel the need to prosecute a mother who is doing what she can for her son, despite the clear intention of the state to legalize medical cannabis.

If you would like to help the Brown family raise money to fight the pending charges, you can make a donation via their GoFundMe page.


Photo Credit: Angela Brown