New Twist on Gourmet Recipe Delivery Kits from Jane and Mary Box

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Recipe kits in the mail are not a new thing but these days there is a contemporary flexibility when it comes to being open about gourmet cannabis infused products. Jane and Mary will not ship you cannabis but in their ‘About Us‘ section and all over their site, they are more than okay with … “a collection of healthy, yet delicious cannabis recipes and medibles that are perfect for a little rest and relaxation.”

Indeed, there’s a whole blog section dedicated to Infusions 101, where you can learn all the basics of infusing your foods with cannabis. Beautifully photographed, Jane and Mary’s site is a testament to the mainstream tipping point. While cannabis has enjoyed being present in kitchens for thousands of years, this new era in the re-legalization age has permeated the culinary prep kit world and is beautifully executed by these ladies.

In addition to being absolutely open about the flex marijuana laws in certain states, Jane and Mary are also really funny ladies. In their kit, the ingredients were listed with witticisms and quips on par with their brilliant culinary delivery service idea. When listing alternative ways to use to generous ingredients you’ll surely have left over to try with other recipes, they describe the decadent Dang Toasted Coconut Chips quite honestly: “Seriously, you are just going to stuff your face with these… there is no way you’ll make it to a second step.” It was almost true for me, except in between using them on my recipe and snacking, I was able to save enough to top a fried crab meat burrito fried with garlic and avocado a week later.


In the kit I received, there was a recipe for Ginger & Mary Jane Fried Rice. Salivating yet? Here’s a list of the ingredients and accessories that came with the box:

  • Garlic

    Imagine my excitement upon opening this box!

  • Ginger
  • Shallots
  • Koda Rice (Oh…my…gah — it is the best rice!)
  • Sesame oil
  • Soy Sauce (another funny: “We know you probably have packets around, but just in case…”)
  • Dang toasted coconut chips
  • Sirachup (Did not even know this existed and this is a total eff-yea-kitchen-staple kind of item)
  • Jane and Mary chopsticks
  • Infusion kit (more on this in a minute)

I made a few adjustments while working with the recipe but stuck to the basics of this particular fried rice recipe while incorporating their ingredients with a few similar items I had on hand. For example, the recipe called for herbal-infused peanut oil but I did not have a sizable amount of cannabis nor peanut oil, so I used olive oil and fresh lemon thyme from my kitchen garden. I used all three of the shallots provided in the boxed but also added scissor-cut garlic chives with extra color for the topping. Instead of a sunny-side up egg, I scrambled a few and mixed in some blue raw agave nectar for sweet bites between the crispy garlic bits I fried with the provided sesame oil and the fragrant ginger chunks dancing in delicious harmony.


As I mentioned, Jane and Mary’s site has a section dedicated to infusing fats and alcohol with cannabis. Below are some hints and tricks offered by their blog and is a great primer for those starting out with cannabis cooking:

Nice jar, nice bud, nice organic butter! Photo courtesy of Jane & Mary Box

  • You can’t just eat it. We know it sounds like a good idea to just sprinkle some ground up pot on top of a pizza slice, but it doesn’t work like that. To get the good stuff from cannabis, the THC and cannabinoids, you’ve got to slowly infuse it in a fat (heelllooo buttah!) or alcohol.
  • Low and slow. Treat your buds (or stems and trim) with care and be sure not to heat too high when infusing. Create a comfortable little environment and slowly coax out the good stuff. Be patient, and you will be rewarded, Grasshopper.
  • Go easy, man! First timers are recommended to start out with 5mg and wait at least 2 hours before having a little more. Dosing will vary depending on the person (are you teeny tiny with the metabolism of a mouse?), what you’ve had to eat (cannabis will hit you harder through foods with lots of oil and carbs), and medical symptoms (pain management patients may take a heck of a lot more than someone looking to relax a little before bed).
  • When in doubt, wait it out. Dosing is not an exact science in the home kitchen. We can give you a pretty good ballpark of how much THC is present in a recipe, but if you sprinkled in a little extra when making butter or used marijuana that has been in your freezer since college, your dose will be variable. Have a taste and see how you are effected before diving in and eating 6 cheese puffs. Trust us.
  • Label it! What’s worse than running out of your favorite infused brownies? Knowing that your roomie ate the last one… on accident. That’s one of the reasons we love our handy-dandy green glass infusion kits. They are a simple way to let everyone in your kitchen know that’s the *good* stuff.

They also provide recipes for cannabis butter, oils and infused alcohol. In my kit, I also received an emerald green Heritage Collection mason jar and two lovely cheesecloth bags. So cute!

My delicious finished meal accented with Jane and Mary Chopsticks (they packed an extra pair for a friend as well). Thank you, Jane and Mary Box!

I was very satisfied with this meal from Jane and Mary and my house smelled quite impressive when I was done cooking. Their service has a subscription service on a Quarterly Membership Box Plan – for $39.95, which includes shipping or you can gift someone a one time box of a beautiful meal with top of the line ingredients and entertaining, humorous recipe directions and inventory list.

While the seasonal boxes are by subscription only, there are a number of free recipes on their site with splendiferous photography showing step-by-step visual instructions for Magic Shell (an infused fudge shell over ice cream), Oh-So-Sweet Potato Tots, and quite a few more.