Cannabis Book Review: The Kitchen presented by Uptown Grow Labs

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The Kitchen presented by Uptown Grow Labs is a magnificent and thick book with beautiful photos of cannabis, but it is also much more than a sumptuous coffee table album. In the opening pages, readers are told that if they want step-by-step grow instructions, they won’t find them in this book, although you can find step-by-step instructions on how to roll joints and blunts. While the technical notes inside are informative, the handsome hardbound book is more about the journey Jay J. Kitchen and “Uncle Tweezy” took while growing some of the world’s most famous strains procured from horticultural leaders of the cannabis seed scene. As you turn the pages, the palpable love the pair have for growers’ innovation, the plant, its history, its prized medicinal value and the hardworking community that grows it is unmistakable.

Chem 4

Chem 4 PHOTO: Courtesy of Uptown Grow Lab

A botanical drawing of cannabis fills a full-page post-intro, and it is a nice nod to the past that implores readers to feel the full weight of the importance cannabis has played in the evolution of our species. Before one goes further into the processes and field notes, a historical timeline is offered to further support the fascinating and tumultuous back story of a remarkable plant. And here at Ladybud Magazine, seeing a beautiful ladybug on a delicious cannabis plant as the cover photo positively influences our swoon factor.

Throughout the book there are basics of cannabis planting, details of some gaffs made while on the way to learning better ways to cultivate and produce great yields, and discussion of components as well as percentages of THC, CBD, CBN and strain relationships. The way in which the basics are explained is not condescending in the least to novices or the curious, neither is it boring to the most skilled. There is something for everyone in this book and would make a perfect addition to any library (personal or public), dispensary, or cannabis center of high regard.


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