Poem: Big Britches, Don’t Give Two Shitzes

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Hey big britches
We don’t give two shitzes
About your mondo wad
Of cash or smack talk
We don’t give two shitzes
Hey big britches
‘Cause of the big ole spoon
Swimming around
Your swift talkin’ mouth
Your rep goes south
You’re talking to a Real Deal
You will beg, lie and steal
Jumping ahead
On hollow ground
We have struggled on the real
No beg, lie or steal
A true path laid down
On a promise
For a better tomorrow
We ain’t ridin’ a cash cow
We’re on the steed
Noble with grace
Strong as a mo’ too
Work horse
Strong and true
We ain’t you
Hey big britches
Hollow shoes
We don’t give two shitzes.

PHOTO Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/Texas A&M