Lady Business: The Cannabis Global Initiative

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While cannabis businesses are still very cutting-edge and in some places, legally gray, there are some very intelligent, experienced, and passionate people who are openly working in the cannabis industry. As legal markets have developed, more educated professionals are becoming involved in the cannabis world. Many of these individuals never go anywhere near cannabis  or cannabis plants while working; their professional lives instead revolve around business meetings, educational events and working with the public.

One such organization is currently expanding its client base in Denver, Colorado. The Cannabis Global Initiative was born of the desire to use decades of combined industry experience to help new businesses, politicians, and even townships get involved in the cannabis industry and establish a brand.

The Cannabis Global Initiative is the brainchild of Tracy Williams and Wanda James, Denver-based activists and professionals, pictured above. Both of these ladies bring experience and impressive resumes to the table. Wanda James recently won the 2014 Best News Series in Print by the Colorado Association of Black Journalists (award pictured to the left). Her column, Blowing Smoke, is published in the Denver Urban Spectrum. Her most recent article in the print magazine focused on industrial hemp

She has teamed up with Tracy Williams of TradeWinds Communications, who has twenty-five years of experience in public relations, to form Cannabis Global Consulting. This will be a public relations and marketing business whose focus will be helping elected officials, municipalities, and businesses understand cannabis policy and the cannabis industry.

The two women are keenly aware that the cannabis market, even the legal ones, are difficult for businesses to navigate. Jones has previously spoken out about issues facing businesses in the cannabis industry, such as the lack of legal access to banking services.

According to their Facebook page, the pair also has a dedication to social justice. “For so long, people of color have been systematically and disproportionately criminalized and jailed for smoking and selling marijuana,” says Williams in a statement. “Now that its use is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, we are personally dedicated to making sure they’re not shut out of the benefits and profits of its medicinal use and legalization.”

The Cannabis Global Initiative has a Facebook page where you can follow their efforts. You can also check out their previous media efforts on their website here. We’re sure to hear big things from these ladies!

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