Small Government Means Ending Prohibition: A Letter to Rand Paul

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Dear Sen. Rand Paul,

I was reading the Huffington Post the other day and an article written by Matt Ferner had mentioned that you had submitted Amendment 3630 to Sen. John Walsh’s (D-Mont.) jobs bill on July 24th. For being a Senator with such a stout stance on limiting the size of government you surprised me with this amendment.

Why would you propose to create more federal laws that allow states to bypass current federal law? That makes no sense. Instead, just simply amend the laws that currently pertain to cannabis being federally illegal. Removing Cannabis from the Federal Controlled Substance Act would allow States to regulate Cannabis in their own Controlled Substance Acts without fear of federal involvement in their business, medical records and personal properties.

In short, this would limit the size of the Federal Government, a concept you preach often. Congress has the power to remove cannabis from its Schedule 1 status, and if we look back through history we can see that the prohibition of drugs was such an epic failure it has been the only time Congress has amended the Constitution, EVER!

Currently every state in the nation has cannabis listed as a Schedule 1 substance except Oregon, where it has been Schedule 2 since 2010 allowing doctors to actually prescribe cannabis to their patients. Oregon and Alaska are following suit with Washington and Colorado this November with initiatives to legalize recreational cannabis. States are already acting to amend their laws.

Removing cannabis from Schedule 1 would essentially allow each state to govern themselves. This would not only reduce financial burden on the Federal Government’s involvement in Americas longest running, most expensive, failed war in its existence, The War on Drugs (AKA personal freedom), but it would also allow for more American jobs in agriculture as industrial hemp will be legal to plant, produce, process and sell federally.

You have always preached the benefits of a small federal government, so why are you not promoting the removal of the draconian drug laws of the Federal Controlled Substance Act which promotes ever increasing federal budgets?


Tyler J. Markwart
Drug War Victim, Disabled Human


Photo Credit:  Gage Skidmore under (CC BY-SA 2.0)  via Flickr