Letter Campaign: Don’t Kill Whales with Sonar Training

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The National Resources Defense Council is urging American citizens to take a stand in defense of whales, whose very lives may be in danger as a result of sonar training practices by the Navy. They have organized a letter campaign, created by the NRDC’s BioGems Defenders Program, asking President Obama to intervene to protect whales from sonar practice activities.

If you weren’t aware, one of the ways the Navy trains its staff on sonar is by practicing near the shore. While this may seem common-sense, the shallower waters where they practice is often inhabited by marine mammals, which depend on their own form of sonar for communication and navigation.

These exercises kill hundreds of dolphins and whales unnecessarily. Marine mammals deserve protection in their habitats, not torture that drives them to beach themselves and die. The sonar causes serious physical harm to the marine mammals, producing bubbles in their organs and causing bleeding in their brains and other tissue.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has been working for some time to draw attention to this tragic issue. Basically, the sonar being used is so strong that even at over 300 miles away, it is still 10 times stronger than the minimum required to drastically alter the behavior of large whales.

You can sign the petition/send a letter to President Obama by clicking here, and add your voice to the growing list of those urging President Obama to protect the whales. You can also follow the NRDC’s BioGems Defenders on Facebook by clicking here.


Photo Credit: Pete Bakke under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr