Create with Cannabis: Puff, Pass & Paint at The Adagio in Denver, Colorado

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UPDATE: As of early morning August 8th, 2014, the event scheduled for the same day has been canceled due to law enforcement requests, and all tickets have been refunded in full. Future events are in the works that will comply with all requirements from the Denver Police Department.

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area and would like to take part in an awesome, cannabis-inspired fine art class, you’re in luck!  At the time of publication, there were still a few tickets left for Puff, Pass & Paint at the Adagio.

What is  Puff, Pass & Paint? I’m glad you asked! It’s been described as “Canvas and Cocktails” but with a twist (or a spliff). For those of you not familiar with the concept, it is essentially a social event where people get together to create art as a group, while enjoying some cannabis for inspiration.

This cannabis-friendly art class will take place on August 8th, 2014, from 6pm to 8 pm in The Adagio’s outdoor lounge. The Adagio, located at 1430 Race Street, Denver, CO 80206, is a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast which already seems to be a very popular Denver destination.

Those attending the event will get to participate in an intimate smoke session with Heidi Keyes in the Adagio’s beautiful outdoor lounge and then create a cannabis-influenced work of art. The class fees include amazing food prepared by the Adagio’s kitchen, a selection of wines, a chance for some individualized attention from professional painter Heidi Keyes, as well as all paints, brushses, and an 11″x14″ canvas panel to create your own masterpiece. As you can see from the piece to the right, Heidi is a skilled artist.


If you are out and about this weekend, you can also find Heidi and some of her fellow artists at a booth at the Denver County Fair (in the pot pavilion, of course) today and tomorrow. They are offering mini Puff, Pass and Paint classes for only $20.

Don’t pack a joint for the Fair, because Denver’s new law has forced the event to go “Dry” and not allow cannabis use at the fair. However, a little cannabis fairy may have said that there is a special bus taking people attending a truncated version of Puff, Pass & Paint at the fair  to 3D to ensure they are properly inspired to paint. If you hurry, you may still be able to make the 3:00 class today. Otherwise, there will be two shorter class offered tomorrow as well, at 1:30 and 3:30.

You can purchase tickets via Eventbrite by clicking here! If you want to learn more about the class, you can check out Puff, Pass & Paint’s Facebook page as well!   Heidi Keyes’ incredible art has its own Facebook page. If you’re too far away to attend, you can always like her and Puff, Pass and Paint to see what amazing art people create.


Photo Credit: Heidi Keys