INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Myths about the Criminal Justice Field

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Many people’s exposure to the criminal justice system is limited to what they see on television or what they experience first hand (often just traffic tickets). The reality of working in criminal justice is quite different than it appears on flashy procedural police dramas. Portland State University produced an interesting infographic about some of the more common myths, which includes some very interesting facts.

As many in the cannabis community already know, a disproportionate percentage of police funds are spent on prohibition enforcement, resulting in dismal solve rates for actual violent crimes (although tv shows rarely show a case going unsolved). Another interesting facoit highlighted below is that less than 100 police officers died in the line of duty last year, and only about half of those were intentional (meaning half of police deaths are accidents). Check the graphic out below, or at the original site hosted by Portland State University. 



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Photo Credit: Yumi Kimura under public domain via Flickr