SERIES BOOK REVIEW: Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana

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When Maggie Volpo sent me the first book in her Stinky Steve series, I was charmed to see the wonderful illustrations by Mauricio J. Flores and the intelligent, compassionate way Maggie approaches educating children about medical cannabis. It is written in poetry form with a great rhythm that is friendly to children, making it easier to remember what they are being taught. Next to each poem there are ‘Canna-Bits,’ small facts that are historical, cultural and medically informative without being intimidating. At the end of the book, there is a page of “Stinky Steve’s Medical Cannabis Safety Tips for Kids,” as well as tips for parents like, “If you make concentrates, children should never be present. Concentrates should not be made in a residence, especially one where children live.” That’s sound advice!

My 11-year-old son wanted me to also put in his review of the book. He had this to say: “It’s pretty inspiring because it explains why some adults need to use it  and some children, too. I like how the pictures are drawn and it makes me understand more ways about how it is healthy. I already knew a lot that was in there but some I had no idea. I think the skunk is funny and nice.”

Jack & Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana

Parent-written and child approved!

I asked Maggie some questions about her book, the answers to which you can find below. Please support an activist with a big heart and a sincere love of people and cannabis. Stinky Steve cares and so does she!

LADYBUD: Why did you decide to write the series?

MAGGIE: When my family was running a dispensary, we prided ourselves on maintaining a family-friendly establishment. We saw a lot of patients with children who were hiding their medicine from their children and/or lying to them about it. One day I realized that most of the kids out there whose parents use cannabis or are caregivers were educating themselves about marijuana. That means that their primary resources are probably media/pop culture, what they learn in school, and their peers. They don’t know who to trust, but most of them do know what they’re being told in school about cannabis isn’t true. I could probably write a 2K word essay on why I wrote these books, but in short, Stinky Steve is meant to help adults talk openly and honestly with children about cannabis and cannabis safety.

LADYBUD: How many books are in the series?

MAGGIE: We have eight completed so far, although only the first title is currently available for sale. Book #2, “Stinky Steve Explains Daddy’s Dabs: An Educational Children’s Book about Cannabis Concentrates,” will be available for purchase on August 1st. It is currently only available on, though we are working on expanding our distribution. We are in the early development stage for two additional titles, one focusing on palliative care using cannabis and another directed toward a slightly older (pre-teen/teenage) audience.

Stinky Steve Ilustration

Please talk to your loved ones about what they do. They’ll tell you cannabis helps them, and they’ll always love you!

Here are the titles with release dates:
Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana (released)

Stinky Steve Explains Daddy’s DabsAugust 1, 2014
Stinky Steve Explains Mommy’s MediblesOctober 1, 2014
Stinky Steve Explains Grandma’s GrowroomDecember 1, 2014

Stinky Steve Explains Casual CannabisFebruary 1, 2015
Stinky Steve Explains Cannabis and CPS: April, 2015
Stinky Steve Explains Why Papa’s In Prison for Pot: June 1, 2015
Stinky Steve Explains Children Who use Cannabis: August 1, 2015

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