Poem: Good Math

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I have to be twice as good on half as much.
Twice as talented, half as much the fool.
Four times as willing, eight times as slick.
Twice that and that’s my drive to sixteen times as quick.
I have to get there half as quick in my head, if I took twice as long someone would’ve put a bullet in my head.
It comes down to one question “Who do you want to be?”
Behind the hype and noise “Do you think you know me?”
If it came down to counting your sins, can you list more than me?
Fuck the hype and the noise,
The glitz and the glam that might or might not ever come.
I don’t do it to be the next of the best.
I do it to be better than him and the rest.




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Photo Credit: Clay Shonkwiler under (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr