Vote Hemp: National Non-Profit Pushing Against Hemp Farming Prohibition

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The following text originally appeared as a campaign funding update from Vote Hemp.

 Now is a very important time for the industrial hemp movement. As you may know, the DEA complicated efforts for Kentucky to proceed with hemp pilot programs authorized by section 7606 of the Farm Bill. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture took the DEA to court and got an agreement that allowed for seeds to be imported. There are now 5 pilot programs underway in Kentucky and the hemp crops are thriving! We applaud Kentucky’s progress this season, but our work is far from done until farmers in all 50 states are allowed to grow the crop for commercial purposes. We made it this far with your help, and with your continued support

we can reach our goal!


We need your help in the form of a donation, and we have some fantastic items for you to enjoy in appreciation of your generosity or you can let 100% of your donation go to support our efforts. Also, we are auctioning off several rare items including:


The Industrial Hemp Amendment to the Farm Bill printed on 100% Handmade Hemp Paper.

Click here to visit the Auction on eBay and place a bid!


This is a limited-edition (only 15 made) Hemp Farm Bill Amendment printed to 100% handmade hemp paper by Artisan hemp artist, Elishwa Shalom. 


Auction Ends Tuesday at 4:00 PM EST.


Ladybud readers, if a commemorative print of the legal language used in the Hemp Farm Bill Amendment doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also pledge funds in a more standard format. Doctor Bronner’s Magic Soaps will be doubling all cash donations made to Vote Hemp, ensuring your funds will make twice the impact!


In addition to doubling your donation courtesy of Doctor Bronner’s, you can also receive some excellent swag for your donation! Check out the donation page here. Vote Hemp is currently offering posters, several educational DVDs about hemp, and a Doctor Bronner’s sampler pack with eight different scents of the lovely Castille soap.


Ladybud will continue following the efforts of Vote Hemp and similar organizations across the country. As each individual aspect of prohibition is dismantled, a freer, stronger American economy is growing in its place. Re-legalizing industrial hemp cultivatin is an integral part of that process.

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Photo Credit: Evelyn Simak under [CC-BY-SA-2.0] via Wikimedia Commons