Susan Sarandon Shuns Smoking, Cool with Cannabis

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The media is always hounding female celebrities for their beauty secrets. Now, one of the biggest names in Hollywood (and one well known for advocating for legalizationtoking before red carpet events, and depicting medical marijuana use in movies before it was socially acceptable) is telling people that if they want to stay young, they need to stop smoking. Cigarettes, anyway.

That’s right, ladies, Susan Sarandon has gone public saying that while tobacco ages you, she doesn’t think cannabis does the same. It’s possibly one of her great beauty secrets. After all, stress is known to age your skin.

Theses days there’s a lot of women who don’t look like you through 67 was going to look so I’m not so unusual. A lot of it is down to being happy and staying curious and keeping a sense of humour. But my main advice would be, first of all, don’t smoke – or rather, don’t smoke cigarettes. I’m down with cannabis but tobacco is the worst for the skin. And apart from that, just practice moderation because too much of anything takes its toll. Not too much sun, not too much alcohol, not too much food.”

The quote originally appeared on ContactMusic  and has been going semi-viral ever since. According to the MayoClinic, she’s probably right. As far as doctors can tell, it’s actually the nicotine that ages the skin, causing wrinkles. Given that cannabis contains no nicotine, there’s little reason to believe cannabis has as dramatic an effect.

Still, any smoke can age your skin. Dermatologists recommend that cannabis-loving ladies concerned about aging gracefully use other methods than crude combustion to get the cannabinoids they’re craving.

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Photo Credit: Kilopedio under (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons