Take Action: Tell the FCC to Protect Net Neutrality

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Tomorrow is the last day for American citizens to weigh inĀ  on net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission will still be accepting comments for another day, so now’s the time to act if you want to help protect a free and neutral internet.

What is net neutrality? In a nutshell, net neutrality is the concept that all legal content on the internet should be equally accessible to everyone. Internet service providers should not be able to favor one type of traffic over another, censor people’s access to information, or charge a premium for faster delivery.

After a shocking Court of Appeals ruling this January, many big tech companies and industry journalists have been warning about the coming internet apocalypse. For the average person, this issue seems unimportant, but it shouldn’t. We will all suffer if access to information on the internet becomes something that only those who can afford to pay a premium can afford.

Want to take action? Follow this link to send an email to the FCC via the ACLU asking them to protect net neutrality. If you want to do more, check out SavetheInternet.com’s suggestions for ways to help protect net neutrality and make your voice heard. Better still, you can contact the FCC directly at their website in addition to using the ACLU form letter.

Click here for access to the FCC form and here for an in-depth explanation of how to fill it out properly, including the filing number (14-28).



Photo Credit: under (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) via Flickr