Diane Goldstein Participating In Twitter Chat About Opiods

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Although addiction to prescription medications is a serious health issue currently, there is still such social stigma attached to drug use (including prescription drug abuse and opiod addictions) that many people do not understand the severity of this public health issue.

Thankfully, there are many brave people who are speaking up about opiod addiction, opiod overdoses, and a compassionate way to approach this issue.  Diane Goldstein, who has previously worked for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and a contributor to Ladybud Magazine, will be among the featured guests in a live Twitter chat about opiod issues this Wednesday.

In addition to Diane, Dr. Stanton Peele, author of Recover!, best-selling author David Sheff, Phoenix House, and a number of other educators and activists tweeting live on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014, at 3PM EST. They will be using the hashtag #pillchat for the live chat event.

If you have questions, concerns, or a personal story about opiod addiction, abuse, and recovery, then you will want to get involved in this Twitter chat if you can! The only way to combat cultural misconceptions and ongoing stigma surrounding the issue of opiod abuse and addiction is to make it a more public issue.

You can view the official event page on Substance.com here.

Photo Credit: Mark Nesbitt and Delwen Samuel under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons