Summer Music Festival Fashion Etsy List

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Summer often flies by in a blur of charcoal smoke, blue skies, and mosquito bites. For some people, is isn’t summer until there’s watermelon or until they’ve gone swimming. For some others though, it isn’t summer until festival season starts.

Music festivals have a culture all their own, and each event is unique. Still, there are certain commonalities that tie them all together, and part of that is the fashion and lifestyle that goes along with festival travels. That culture includes very hippie-esque roots, such as general desire to tread gently upon the earth, combined with an interest in expanding ones consciousness and experiencing the joy of life as it comes.

In the spirit of planet-friendly fashion and fun, Ladybud has compiled a list of the top 5 must-have fashion items for music festival attendance. We’ve linked some amazing sellers and items from Etsy, which is a great resource for artisans and the people who love to support them.

So, without further ado, here are the five classic music festival fashion items that you simply shouldn’t be without at your favorite outdoor concert.

Circle patchwork skirt

Nothing says “festival” and “hippie” quite like homemade patchwork clothing, and the circle skirt is probably the most iconic of these pieces of clothing. Circle skirts get their name from the fact that if you spin around quickly while wearing them, they flare out in a beautiful circle of fabric around you. Made from pieces of colorful fabric stitched together, these skirts demand that you dance in them. The photo is of a patchwork skirt made by Etsy user urbanprariegirl, which can be purchased here.

Apron Top or Dress

Much like the circle skirt, the apron top/dress is typically a patchwork, hand-made clothing item. They look like a tank top or apron from the front, and they tie closed in the back. Some simply have two or three ties, possibly a halter tie as well, while others have ornate laced backs. They’re basically clothing with built-in air conditioning that flows around you, looking lovely. The photo and rainbow dress featured above is from the Etsy user KnottyMama, and it can be purchased here.

An elf/fairy coat

Although it may be summer, cloudless nights in the woods or in open fields (or even the desert) can get very chilly. While most of your days will be spent sweating in the sun and dancing, your nights will be cooler. Elf coats, also called fairy coats, are made from recycled sweaters, have gnarly pointed hoods and are generally designed in a striped, colorful pattern. They’re warm, unique, and something that’s sure to start conversations everywhere you go after dark. The lovely image above is from a listing by Fairytea, which can be purchased here.

Beautiful barefoot sandals

Although barefoot is the way to go, not everyone has tough enough soles to walk though festival grounds without incurring some injuries, while other people feel naked without something on their feet. If you don’t want to wear shoes, barefoot sandals are a great second choice. Instead of cheap, throw-away flip-flops, consider buying some American-made, artistic barefoot sandals to keep your feet looking fancy at the festivals. The lovely barefoot sandal above is from the Etsy shop HouseofBlaise, and can be purchased here.

bagStash bag

A good stash bag is the single most important item that a cannabis loving lady can take with her to a festival. What defines “good” may vary depending on your needs, but in general it should be of sturdy construction, durable (hopefully recycled or hemp) fabric, and should have multiple enclosures that are not apparent to the naked eye or casual touch. It can also be small enough to wear under your clothing without being visible, which is a great way to keep your stash and cash safe. The featured bag above is small enough to wear under a shirt or dress and includes a secret pocket on the exterior. This bag comes from the Etsy shop BrooksBCreations, and can be purchased here.

Once you’re geared up with the best that Etsy’s artisans have to offer, you can hit the festival circuit in style, confident that all eyes will be on you!

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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney, Australia (Future Music Festival 2013  Uploaded by tm) [CC-BY-SA-2.0] via Wikimedia Commons. All product images belong to their respective shop owners.