PETITION: Renew Fired Cannabis Researcher’s Contract

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Two weeks after Dr. Suzanne Sisley was fired from her research position at the University of Arizona, citizens and activists are still rallying behind her. A petition has been started on the website, requesting that the University of Arizona renew Dr. Sisley’s contract, thus allowing her to begin her groundbreaking study on medical cannabis use in veterans with PTSD.


Dr. Sisley has already obtained permission from all the necessary government agencies to conduct her research, but an argument over funding in the state legislative branch has allegedly spilled over into academia, resulting in the termination of her contract. (Read full coverage of the issue here).


Here at Ladybud Magazine, we believe that prohibition policies shouldn’t be impacting those in need of this life-saving medicine. While politicians in Arizona were squabbling and being petty over funding for a study that could have saved untold lives, veterans with PTSD are still committing suicide at an extraordinarily high rate. Our politicians should be doing everything in their power to assuage the suffering of those who served in our military instead of toying with their health in such a callous manner.


Without proper funding and a research university to call home, objective, credible scientific research cannot be conducted. Without verifiable, credible scientific studies, many people will continue to claim (falsely) that cannabis doesn’t actually help veterans or PTSD. The anecdotal evidence is there, as is some preliminary research, but in-depth study is needed to demonstrate its usefulness to those not familiar with the healing power of cannabis.


You can sign the petition on here. Please consider sharing it on social media as well to help spread the word!


Photo Credit: Matthew Woitunski under [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons