INFOGRAPHIC: Study Examines How Much College Students Spend On Weed

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There are plenty of prohibitionists who love to tell people that the only folks using cannabis are college kids who are wasting their parents’ money and adults with addiction problems. While that perception isn’t a realistic reflection of the cannabis community, it is interesting to see a survey that undermines some of the more pervasive myths about college cannabis use.

According to an infographic produced by Study Breaks College Media and its sister company, Shweiki Media Printing Company, college students likely only account for roughly $654 million in cannabis sales every year. While that number seems huge, it really isn’t.

Estimates value the annual US cannabis market as handling over $100 billion in sales each year; if the data from this limited study is compared to that, college students account for less than 1% of the domestic cannabis market.

Of course, the survey in question only discussed spending habits, and with a pool of only 500 students. Of those, 16% of the students admitted to spending money on cannabis every month, with 10% of students claiming to spend $300 or more a year. The top 1% of college cannabis consumers admitted to habits that cost $6,000 or more annually. No comparable figure from this survey was provided for alcohol expenses specifically, but other studies show it’s about twice the $300 annual cannabis expenses referenced above.

The original post is available to view on the Study Breaks College Media site. Follow these links to learn about Study Breaks magazine, and Study Breaks College Media.

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Photo Credit:  Peter Facey under (CC BY-SA 2.0)  via