REVIEW: Cheeba Chews, Medicated Candies

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UPDATE: Cheeba Chews has had some legal issues, but has rebounded. On 7/21/2014 The Denver Post ran an article saying that Cheeba Chews were no longer in production, the company’s license was denied, and they would be out of the market for at least a year as part of the agreement reached with the state. The company, however, has confirmed that licensing issues have been dealt with and that their product is back on shelves.

Edibles are quickly becoming more popular within the cannabis community as an effective method of ingesting medication. Cheeba Chews are an excellent choice to medicate with and are made by a Boulder, Colorado based company. They implement the entire extraction process onsite and, according to Eric in their Marketing Department:


We source our raw materials from state licensed centers, who have their own grows. It helps us keep up with demand by having multiple partners that supply us with the necessary raw materials.


 This particular award winning medible (High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011 and 2012) offers a 4-dose (17.5 mg), delicious, chocolate and chewable product consisting of a cannabidiol/THC mix (CBD – 20 mg, THC – 50 mg). These highly effective taffy candies were introduced in the Colorado medicinal cannabis market in 2009 and have become (according to their website) “One of the most well respected edible companies in the industry.”


Testing is an important part of the production of this medicine as each of their products is lab tested to ensure consistent dosing, health and safety.


An in house ethanol extraction process is used in the creation of the hash oil (which is used to strip the cannabinoids from the cannabis flowers). The results are produced from independent testing partners including Steep Hill Lab, CannLabs and rm3Labs and available via the Cheeba Chew website at this link.


Microbiologicals such as bacteria, mold and yeast are detrimental to healthy cannabis plants. Cheeba Chews utilizes a microbiological screen through Steep Hill Labs. They also “stick to strict ethical standards of growing high quality plants, in an natural, environmentally friendly way”.


Pesticide screening information can be accessed via this link. Testing for potency is also an important aspect of this medication as the cannabinoid content can be measured either by weight or milligrams by size. Cannabinoid terpenoid profiles can be viewed at this link.


Cheeba Chews are not available for purchase online, rather they are sold directly to state licensed dispensaries only. Weedmaps can be used to locate a participating dispensary or a simple e-mail with a zip code can be sent to Licensed Dispensaries can be contact the company via e-mail to for further information.


These chews are a distinctive and discreet method to medicate and patients will surely look forward to the day they are available nationwide, when cannabis is “legalized” throughout the nation.


You can follow Cheeba Chews on Facebook here as well.


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