Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Fails

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The state of Ohio may have decriminalized small amounts of cannabis (meaning that those caught with under 100 grams can go on their merry way with a misdemeanor and a ticket that costs $150), it seems like it won’t be joining the ranks of medical cannabis states this year.

Ohio has been on a short list of expected new “green” states in 2014, along with New York (where a law¬† just passed, pending a few more steps) and Pennsylvania, where they seem very close to doing to same, even if their legislative branch has to override the governor’s veto. Despite being in good company, Ohio’s medical marijuana ballot initiative for this fall appears to have failed to make it on the ballot.

The Ohio Rights Group had been gathering signatures but reportedly only gathered about 100,000 of the 386,000 signatures they needed. This was due to a combination of factors, according to organizers, not limited to the fact that they had to make revisions after getting started, a major setback.

Of course, there is still Ohio House Bill 153, which could legalize cannabis use and cultivation for medical purposes, but it’s been dead in committee for some time.

Organizers, in the meantime, are already gearing up to get the same ballot initiative ready for the 2015 ballot drive. Good luck, Ohio! Ladybud will continue to follow this and other state-level medical marijuana laws as they progress.

Photo Credit: Joe Mabel under [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons