Dear Dandelion: A Love Letter from A Toddler

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Dear Dandelion,

Hi my name is Lily.  I’m a flower, too.  I am only 14 months old, so I asked Grandpa to help me with this letter.  I wanted to drop a line just to let you know how much I love you!  I see you every day in my yard and on my walks.  It is lovely to see you adding a bright yellow color to the grass, and I know just where to go to find you.  Grandpa and Daddy tell me that every part of you is edible; which is great, because when I see you I just want to eat you up.  They say you are perfectly healthy for food, medicine and wine.  Please don’t be jealous, but I actually love many flowers.  The pansies in my front yard and the lilies in my Grandma’s back yard are among my favorites.  Yet, every time I visit those, there you are smiling to me and begging for me to touch you.  You are only feet away from Grandpa’s tall, purple yarrow.  You dandelions remain quite special to me though.  After all, when you go to seed I am just thrilled to blow your feathery seeds into the air.  They fly away carrying our deepest wishes on their brief flight path.  Then they land, far away sometimes, close other times; to one day take root and dot other green worlds with perfect little landing spots for bees and butterflies.

I am concerned for your health and well being.  Grandpa is furious that here in America people commonly spray toxic chemicals on their lawns and between cracks in sidewalks just to kill you.  Then these chemicals hurt other living things, too.  It seems so foul and unfair.  At first I thought this was just another conspiracy theory pushed by more radical flowers with too much time on their stems, but Daddy and Mommy have confirmed that this is real.  Daddy says that the toxins from Round Up are found in ALL the mammals of the earth!  Grandpa said that he read an article by Jonathan Landsman indicating that Round Up is 1,000 times more toxic than its primary chemical ingredient, glyphosate.  Mommy says that these toxins have even been found in human mom’s breast milk.  They all have also said that there are food plants engineered, not to make better food, but to not die when heavily treated with various chemicals.  They say that many life forms are threatened by these chemicals, from bees to humans, and everything in between.  At first I found this hard to believe.  I thought my family is very vocal and political so they can just tell someone in power and we can stop this kind of madness, but the people in charge of safe food MAKE the poison.  Then I said that the media needs this information, but then I saw advertisements all over the TV pushing this stuff as a “solution” for dandelion problems.  My brain is very new, but it still hurts at the thought of such insane practices, and dandelions are wonderful, not a “problem. “

Mommy says that some people call you weeds.  She said that is the propaganda used to justify such killing. Daddy is a biology major and he says there is no such classification as weeds, they are just plants.  Grandpa says that the same types of lies are used to justify polluting the world and killing millions with war, or militarizing the police at home for a drug war.  They all agree that such misinformation needs to be corrected for the good of all plants and animals.  So I thought I would write you this letter to let you know just how I feel.  Since dandelions are everywhere, perhaps you can spread the word to the other plants that my family and I are not like the humans that want to hurt you.  Tell them we are sorry and we will do all possible to make the world better for all the Lilies, mommies, daddies, grandparents, plants and animals.  Grandpa does much on this front already.  He is in the Green Party, you know.  Grandpa will do the same with his favorite plants, ladybuds.  I do not know what they are, but they sure make Grandpa smile.

Warmest wishes and love,



Photo Credit: Dandelion Photo: Pinpals under  (CC0 1.0) via Flickr  and  Toddler Photo: Karin Albert