Poetry: Freedom (From the Eyes of a Domestic Abuse Survivor)

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What does Freedom look like for a survivor of Domestic Abuse?

Freedom is stopping to grab a coffee on the way home from work whenever I want.
Freedom is spending as much as I need to at the grocery store to make sure my family is fed well.
Freedom is going out in public without worrying what skin is showing and if people might see the marks & bruises.
Freedom is setting the temperature in my home to whatever is comfortable.
Freedom is knowing that my phone, my computer, my car will still be there for me when I need it.
Freedom is feeling secure enough to sleep in my own home soundly… every night.
Freedom is having my thoughts listened to and valued.
Freedom is having self-confidence once again.
Freedom is being loved and respected by the most amazing man who loves me just the way I am and allows me to be exactly the person I want to be.


Image Credit: holdosi under  (CC0 1.0) via Pixabay