Detox Your Skin: Skin Brushing for Health and Beauty

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Let’s face it, you are a hot mess. Exhausted internally, dull, lifeless skin and hair, no joie de vie… It’s time to get yourself together.

You brush your hair and teeth every day, when was the last time you brushed your skin?

If you think about it the largest elimination organ is your skin. Along with the colon, kidneys, lungs, voice and menses, the skin eliminates everything you no longer need, from that Chinese takeout last week to those margaritas you and your girlfriends downed last night.

Your skin, made up of sweat glands and thousands and thousands of tiny pores eliminates up to an estimated pound of impurities, toxins and waste products a day. When dead cells and debris build up your skin it begins to look like a paper grocery sack, dull, ashy and lifeless. Worse, impurities can remain in the body and contribute to degenerative diseases.

Dry brushing your skin everyday removes dead layers of skin, keeping pores clean and functioning, helping with cleansing and strengthening the lymphatic system, ridding the body of toxins and impurities while redistributing micro fat deposits (commonly referred to as cellulite). Dry brushing can leave your skin radiant and glowing and improve your overall health.

Ready to dry brush? Here’s how:

Remember that this is your body brush and much like your toothbrush it’s not to be shared (gross) and should be replaced every four months or so.

Start by slowly brushing your naked body in a sweeping motion from the thickest part of the skin (soul of foot, palm of the hand) to the heart to stimulate the nerve ends in the skin and gently jump start the circulatory system. What we’re going for is a nice rosy glow, not a raw scratched up mess, so keep the pressure light and avoid any cuts or abrasions you might have.

It’s important to note that dry skin body brushing should not be done on the face. Facial skin is thin and requires the gentle use of a finer brush and very light touch.


  • Never use a body brush on bruised or abraded skin.

  • Loofas are too rough to be used as a dry body brush unless your skin is as thick as an elephants.

  •  Electric body or face brush? Pass. See above comment about elephant skin.

After a couple weeks you’ll find you can build both the pressure and the time spent brushing. Start with a light 2-3 minutes brushing each morning working up to a 10 minute routine. It sounds like a time commitment, but the benefits of health and glowing skin will make it worthwhile.

Shower or bathe to wash away the dead skin and waste you’ve just unlocked from your largest organ. Now towel off and slather the best organic lotion you can find on your glowing skin. Select a summer frock and hit the road, and remember after work you’re meeting the girls for margaritas…

Image Credit: Utagawa Kuniyoshi under Public Domain