POEM: Paradigm Shift

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This shifting paradigm

After all the battles

Afield have come

To this new time

Activists into entrepreneurs

Others new to the game

Some no concern for the battle

Only the cash in hand

We’re all mixed in together

Suits khaki ties buttoned down

Tie-dye jeans sandals

Blazers sensible dresses

Patent leather shoes

Tomato farmers

Cannabis farmers

Large scale grow ops

Closet medicine

Laboratory coats

Plenary sessions

Safety meetings

Classin’ up the joint


Many worlds


Shell shock for some

New world for others

Comrades raging

Partners pairing

Investment making

Soldiers fighting

Moving forward

Laws jumbled


Doctors restricted

Politicians playing physician

Patients languishing

Civil liberty mess

Yet moving along

Reasonable pace here

Unreasonable pace there

All over willy nilly

A noble dream

Some say an American one

But it is a human one


The great keystone

Broken open

The rest of the arches

Breaking down

For new structure

Drug War will end

Across our great

Shared timeline.