The Women of the International Women’s Cannabis Coalition

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Women the world over are ending prohibition…Again. This is the motto of the International Women’s Cannabis Coalition, consisting of over 250 members worldwide with 60 chapters “dedicated to spreading knowledge and truth about cannabis and pursuing what should be our rights and freedoms in our own medical care.” The women of the IWCC strive to share scientific studies, medical applications, various educational posts, and statewide, national, and global policy changes, as well as political awareness and historical legislation.

Each of these ladies is a fine example of a true advocate for cannabis legalization. These women are your friends, mothers, neighbors, sisters and daughters. They believe in whole plant reform, for medicinal and recreational benefit as well as the potential of industrial hemp.

Candace Junkin

Candace Junkin

The 3 CEO’s/co-founders of this group of are Candace Junkin, Diane-Marie Jensen and Cheri Shaw, each of whom has a personal story about their motivation and dedication towards the legalization of cannabis worldwide. Their complete biographies as well as those of other IWCC Chapter leaders can be found on the IWCC website.

Candace Junkin, originally of New Orleans, Louisiana, now resides with her family in Saint Inigoes Shores, Maryland. She has been an important factor in the cannabis legalization movement throughout the state, which recently approved decriminalization as well as a medical marijuana program, to become effective October 1, 2014.

Diane-Marie Jensen

Diane-Marie Jensen

Diane-Marie Jensen of Kelowna, British Columbia, originally from Magog, Quebec, is another example of an excellent advocate with her husband Michael Dussault-Jensen (of Dads for Marijuana). In addition to her work with the IWCC, Diane-Marie also manages Grannies for Grass and creates hemp jewelry and accessories. She notes ”Canadian laws are being changed, our medical rights are being taken away and there is a class action lawsuit against our government”, therefore she continues to work for patient rights.

Cheri Shaw is from Kitchener, Ontario. She enjoys talking to people, educating anyone, anytime about the benefits of cannabis. She also assists Canadian patients (where medicinal cannabis is currently legal, however some politicians are attempting to change the laws) locate physicians who can legally prescribe the medicine.

Tori LaChapelle

Tori LaChapelle

In addition to writing for Ladybud, Tori LaChapelle is a IWCC member from Madison, Wisconsin. She wears many hats as an advocate, a mother, a nurse, and a caregiver, and recently testified about CBD-only bills and the Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act. Tori served as the Secretary for the Wisconsin Americans for Safe Access (WI ASA) before helping to found Parents 4 Pot in addition to working as a “Conductor” for the Undergreen Railroad, an organization providing resources to medicinal cannabis patients and their families, farmers and recreational cannabis users to seek legal refuge and relocate from states with unfriendly cannabis laws to more compassionate states.

Katie "DollyLlama" Brown

Katie “DollyLlama” Brown

Another active member of the IWCC is Katie “DollyLlama” Brown, originally hailing from Kirkwood, Missouri and currently living in Owensboro, Kentucky. Katie is also the organizer of Occustock 2014 Feed the People!, and advocates for Kentuckiana CARE (Cannabis Activists for RElegalization). She began advocating for legalization after becoming a victim of Child Protective Services for using cannabis to treat Fibromyalgia symptoms; her son was removed from her custody for over a year, says Katie, “for nothing more than my use of a natural plant to allow me to be a better parent and more productive member of society.”

These women, as all lady advocates, should be considered heroes in the movement to legalization cannabis. They put their lives, their children, their families and jobs all on the line because they fully know and understand the many benefits of the entire cannabis plant.

Women are indeed changing the world of prohibition and these ladies are excellent examples of how it can be done, in an honest, forthright and educated manner. Bravo, ladies. Bravo!