CO: Free Marijuana Giveaway for Veterans to be Held on Memorial Day

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Operation Grow4Vets today announced its first free marijuana giveaway for Veterans – the first ever event of its kind in the United States.

The event will run between the hours of 1:00 – 4:00 PM, on Memorial Day, Monday May 26, 2014. The free event is being hosted by Joshua MacCurdy at the Dark Star Lounge, located at 1630 Federal Blvd, in Denver, Colorado.

Veterans attending the Memorial Day event will receive a gift bag containing a variety of items including: marijuana, marijuana oils, marijuana infused products, and marijuana seeds as well as other gifts, most of which have been donated by Barry and Toni Fox and 3D Cannabis Center, located at 4305 Brighton Blvd., in Denver. There will be a limited number of gift bags available.

Toni Fox’s involvement is very personal and she states the reasons she and her husband are giving to the vets:

“We are a part of this organization in honor of my father, James Lee Savage, who served two tours in Vietnam and ended up taking his own life because of his struggles with PTSD. The only thing that helped him was cannabis and I know if he would have had safe access to it, he would be alive today.”

Special Guest for this event will be Sean Azzariti the Iraq war veteran who made the first legal marijuana purchase in Colorado, from 3D Cannabis Center on January 1, 2014.

“We encourage the public to attend this event and support America’s heroes,” said Roger Martin, Executive Director of Operation Grow4Vets. These brave men and women, as well as their families need our support now more than ever.” Martin further stated that since the launch of Project Better Medicine a mere two weeks ago, “We have enrolled hundreds of Veterans from all over the U.S. We hope to help reduce the staggering number of Veteran suicides and drug overdose deaths that occur every day!”

Veterans wanting to enroll in Project Better Medicine can do so online at:, or at the Memorial Day event. Veterans must currently be under treatment by the VA for PTSD, TBI, chronic pain, or another serious medical condition and present a valid VA identification card. 

Donations of cash, cannabis, cannabis-infused products, other cannabis-related products, and grow equipment are desperately needed. Detailed information about Operation Grow4Vets is available at: