Shotgunning Dabs: More High for Your Money

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I love to dab, but the truth is that I’m a small lady with small lungs. Despite having been dabbing for nearly three years already, I still cough like I’ve got pertussis every time I do one. Sometimes I’d start coughing before I was done taking my dab, meaning it got totally wasted. Eventually, my partner and I found a work-around for this issue: shotgun dabs.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this use of the word shotgun, let me explain. Shotgun smoking is the process of one person inhaling smoke, using a kiss as a means to transfer the smoke to a second person, and finishing with the second person exhaling the residual smoke. If you search online for images of shotgun smoking, most of them show people with their lips an inch or two apart, but clearly an actual lip-lock results in less lost smoke.

Now, I know there are plenty of cannabis smokers who insist that shotgunning does not work, and in the case of combusted plant material, they very well may be correct. Very little research has been done about cannabinoid absorption via smoking and what level of residual cannabinoids exist in the smoke when you exhale.

Let me clear: if you are using a combustion smoking method (pipes, bongs, bowls, spoons, joints, etc), you absolutely do not want to shotgun anything. The general consensus is that holding that smoke in your lungs for more than a few seconds increases the absorption of tar and other unwanted smoke by-products. Logically, then, we can assume the combustion smoke being exhaled is likely low in THC and high in adulterants.

If, however, you are dabbing some clear, contaminant-free, well-purged cannabis oil, there’s so much concentrated cannabinoid goodness in there that you will likely be exhaling a significant amount. There shouldn’t be any tar present or anything else you wouldn’t want to inhale. My partner, who is taller and has huge singer’s lungs, will be the one who actually takes the dab, heating the nail and inhaling all the vapor. I make a point of exhaling completely during that inhalation so that my lungs are empty. We kiss, my partner exhales, and I inhale. Then I exhale a lovely stream of dab vapor/smoke. And then we’re both dabbed down and we got to kiss while doing it.

I am not a lightweight. That’s actually one of the reasons I got interested in dabs in the first place – I was smoking so much, with my weak lungs, that I had developed a serious cough. Whatever cannabinoids are left ┬áin my partner’s exhalation are more than enough to get me pretty darn high.

People sometimes give us weird looks at parties, but it’s highly effective (and probably saves our host real money). Shotgunning dabs spares my lungs the overpowering content of the dab right off the nail and allows us to use significantly less oil on a daily basis than we would go through if we were both dabbing each time. If you have a willing partner, give it a try. Let us know how it works for you in the comments below (if you remember to after being dabbed down and kissed).

Happy smooching, folks!