Increase Your Functional Energy: Tips and Tricks

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PHOTO: Danielle Moler, Creative Commons

I recently wrote about the importance of balancing suffering and compassion.  In the end, it took a potentially esoteric direction lacking in actual useable information.  But alas, when the words are a-flowin’ who am I to stop them, eh?  This time, I’d like to offer some examples of functional ways to maintain, re-build, or re-wind your energy whenever you feel it’s needed.

The first time I heard about humans having and using their energy was many years ago.  I was lucky enough to have a pony when I was fourteen, and I went to a 4H group that emphasized the importance of confidence around all animals.  They have so much power.  But the energy that you send through your hands and to the lead, collar, or halter is palpable to any animal.  If you’re scared and your energy is low, you should step away from the beast.

It’s been stated that there are energy suckers and energy givers out there, and this concept clicked with me immediately, as I had always wondered why I felt so drained after a visit with some friends but felt refreshed after a visit with others. At the time, the Aura talk was big.  Energy work, though ancient in its roots, had seemingly just come to town.  My sister and I even had our Auras photographed in Toronto, and my best friend Robin had hers photographed in Ottawa when she was six months preggers with daughter Regan.  The Aura specialists looked at the pic, looked at her protruding belly and said her Aura looked like that of someone who had an addiction problem.  She laughed uncomfortably and then explained that she was an addictions nurse in the detox department of the hospital.  Do you think she was maintaining her energies well?  It seemed that even this confident and successful health professional was absorbing her patients’ fears and energies and/or allowing hers to be drained.  No worries though, Regan is twelve years old and thriving.  And Robin is thriving too.

AlphaFor the fellow dog lovers out there, we have Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer to explain what our low energy can do to our anthropologically pack-oriented pooches.  Pack animals need an alpha.  If you’re not projecting the Alpha energy, they will take over that position.  And all for the good of the pack.  It is the Canis Lupus way.  And the reason a pack of dogs can take down a one tonne moose.

So let’s get to it.  I’ve given a few examples of what energy is, and that it’s something that needs to be maintained on the daily.   Like brushing your teeth, and checking your water and fiber intake, maintaining a grounded energy field or aura is crucial.  Yes … I’m getting out there again.  Let’s start here.  Stand up and with your eyes closed, visualize and imagine roots or cords growing from out of the bottom of your feet and attaching to the earth’s energy.  I know … sounds hokie.  But call me crazy if you don’t feel something.  This is simple visualization or even imagining, and using faith that it is real, though ever so subtle.  Another act that shouldn’t be discounted.  I mean, a man can visualize a breast and attain an erection.  Don’t tell me your thoughts don’t control your body.  Keep it up and you will feel more balanced, less anxious, and more in-tune with your surroundings every day.  You can read about other grounding techniques here.

These things of which I speak are somewhat abstract and intangible.  But they are very very real.  I have a friend I call the Barefoot Chef.  He walks barefoot everywhere that he can, eats as much wild organic produce he can find, and meditates every single day.  He’s the picture of health and balance.  We have grown to discount the magnetic energy from the core of our great planet also called the Earth’s Chakra.  But it doubtlessly exists.  We’ve recently learned that our entire galaxy has a magnetic energy field holding it in perfect balance.  An actual map has now been created showing places where the magnetic field lines up in an ‘orderly fashion’ and others where it swirls in ‘turbulent loops’.  It is this field that even our little blue planet is controlled by.  That’s profound to me.  We are so small; yet so connected to All.

So what I’m learning in researching this piece, is that it’s all about energy.  Our energies can intermingle, we can take on others’ pain and negativity, their nervousness and irritability.  But it comes down to something that even our industrial electrical system is based on … proper grounding.   When we are properly grounded, this ill-fitting energy will dissipate through the ground.  Sharing energies is inevitable, but it’s the holding on to it that’s the problem.  Let it flow through you and back to its source, the Earth’s Chakra.  I’ve even been told that simply the act of eating can ground a person.  This took me a bit to get wrapped around, but it’s clear to me that every single one of us are made up of two parts.  Our organic body and our energetic body.  One belongs and connects with the Earth; while the other connects with the realm above and around our everything.  We must acknowledge and feed both parts.  The act of eating is so purely biological that perhaps it demands that the body ground itself.  Perhaps the process itself demands it.

Let’s consider other ways to ameliorate our energy.  Y’know how you hear about people finding Jesus and their lives changing?  Well my mom found Yoga and her life has never been the same.  Mom is a Real Estate agent in a small but touristy town.  Stress levels can be high mid-summer during cottage season, but I’m not really sure if that was the main motivator in her starting doing Yoga.  I think it was baby-steps to full out deep breathing, mind-muscle connection, and marathon planking.  She loves it.  And I benefit by getting the clothes she no longer fits into.

energy ideasOver a dozen years ago I found a book about the ancient Chinese Energy practice called Qi Gong.  In it, they tell of a Qi Gong master who could hold a light bulb and make it flicker and Qi Gong is described as is the “ancient Chinese art of energy cultivation”.

At that time I was an assistant Business Manager at a car dealership.  I would practice the Qi Gong routine to the best of my abilities in the washroom in between customers to keep myself from strangling the salesmen.  It’s a diverse set of practices or ‘meditative movements’ much like Tai Chi, Yoga, and many others, that are said to coordinate the body, breath, and mind.  It helped me deal with the ego and pressure of sales and interdepartmental conflict that goes along with today’s cut-throat capitalism.

Some people meditate acknowledging body and mind at the same time.  I’ve been advised that even five minutes of controlling your breathing and your thoughts while grounding yourself to the Earth can leave innumerable benefits.

Last but not least, many of us find help maintaining our energy and our auras from the protection of gems and crystals.  My Wiccan Goddess friend Suzi is very into Earth-based medicine and the power of crystals and stones.  She advises to hold and/or wear Amber, Selenite, Jasper, Garnet and Petrified Wood to encourage grounding.  Tiger Eye can give you strength on those off days while Rose Quartz, Calcite, and Florite are great for calming yourself when you have taken on someone else’s agitation.

And in a pinch, do not discount the good that a simple hug will do.  I recently came across the “Free Hugs Campaign” video again.  I’m tearing up just writing about it.  So amazing.  There is so much love in the world.  We need to shine a spotlight on that.  A hug can change your day.  I gave my friend Brittany a hug the other day and she said it gave her goose-bumps and made her feel better immediately.  That is power.  Why aren’t we using it more?  Hugs are therapy.

In the end, is it simply the ritualistic routine of these practices, the breathing, the core strength, or the mindful mindlessness of it that makes these practices effective?  Who knows, maybe it’s just simply taking the time out from the bullshit of the everyday and dedicating even a few minutes to that ‘other’ part of yourself.  And this is by no means a complete list of ways to improve your grounding and energy connection.  More are being taught every single day.  Who knew loving yourself could be therapy?  But it is, and you can take comfort in the fact that you can control this vital part of yourself.  A connection holds us all together … earthly bodies and cosmic bodies alike.  Know that the same great force that we speak of that holds together all of the planets great and small in perfect perpetual balance, is connected to you as well.