LAST DAY TO VOTE: Help Medical Marijuana Activist Ashley Weber Win New Mobility Vehicle

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Ashley Weber overcame many challenges in her 30 yrs of life. Paralyzed in a car accident at 18, she catastrophically broke her neck (C1, C4, C5, & exploded C6). A 16 hour anterior & posterior neck surgery which involved removing bone from her hip to create a new C6 vertebrae, and fusing her spine with titanium plates and screws from C3 to T1, she had hyper-calciumia twice, a feeding tube, with her gall bladder and appendix removed as well. She was hooked up to a breathing machine, IVs, and drowning in pharmaceutical drugs. She watched the doctors, nurses, and staff line up chairs along the window of her hospital room as if they were already saying their goodbyes. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t even move! She was helplessly left with her own thoughts.

Fast forward to age 30 — Ashley is the very involved mother to a 5 year-old boy and has a vehicle that was purchased in 2003 but the ramp is broken down, the bumper is falling off and the vehicle has sustained 3 accidents in 11 years. By voting to help Ashley get this new mobility vehicle, she and her son will be safer when traveling. Voting is free and today is the very last day to do so. Please take a few moments of your time to help Ashley — a dedicated mother and medical cannabis activist with your vote.  Thank you so much!