Free Bree: Green Family Update and Mother’s Day Event

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After fighting the courts for the return of their daughter, beautiful Brielle (the famous Bree from the #FreeBree movement), the Green family is still going to be spending Mother’s Day with a child conspicuously absent from their family gathering. Maria’s son Elliott has been the focus of an ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband, and this year will be the first Mother’s Day she will not be allowed to see or spend time with her beloved son.

It was actually the allegations being made in regard to Elliott’s custody case that led to Bree being removed from the Green’s home last fall. When her ex-husband began refusing her court-ordered parenting time last year, Maria filed the necessary paperwork to have their custody agreement enforced. It was at that point that her ex-husband contacted Child Protective Services (for the first time), making claims of ongoing physical abuse (which were so glaringly untrue that they were never investigated) and intentional cannabis exposure (which was investigated and disproven).

Maria Green and baby Bree

Maria Green and baby Bree

Although Bree has been returned to her parents, Maria’s son is still being withheld from her. At this point, she is being permitted one hour of supervised parenting time a week.

The next court date will not be until the last day in May, so Maria will be waiting at least another month before being able to see her son without supervision.

Maria is trying to bring something light and loving out of this situation. This year marks the first Up, Up, and a Love Mother’s Day event in Michigan. The event is for mothers with absent children (either due to custody issues or because the child has passed). They will be writing notes to their absent children, placing them in helium-filled latex balloons, and releasing them into the sky at 3 PM on Sunday.

Environmentalists, rest easy. Maria has done all she can to ensure this event will be environmentally friendly. They will be using one hundred percent biodegradable latex balloons, which will theoretically biodegrade as quickly as an oak leaf in good conditions. The balloons will be helium-filled, allowing to fly higher, faster, which should result in their cooling and breaking into smaller pieces that should present little choking hazard for birds, and no strings (the primary problem in many balloon strangulations) will be used.

Ladybud has been following the Green’s case closely since before Bree was removed from her parent’s care last fall, and will continue to do so as long as their loving family is threatened despite complying with state law. The Greens are hoping for a large showing of support at their next court date and for a quick resolution to a situation that is doing far more harm than good by separating a young boy from his mother who loves him dearly. It is our hope to soon be able to report that their family has been completely reunited and no longer faces illegal consequences for their legal cannabis involvement.

Our hearts are with you, Steve and Maria. Your fight in the courts helps set important precedent for all other cannabis parents, and for that we are all in your debt. Please stay strong; you will be vindicated in the end!