Cannabis Curriculum: John Dvorak’s Speech at Hartford, CT Global Marijuana March

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The following is John Dvorak’s speech at the Hartford (CT) Global Marijuana March:

It’s great to be back in Hartford for the Global Marijuana March!

Why are we here today?  Some of us are here because we know medical marijuana is the safest and most effective medicine known to man.  Some of you love industrial hemp. I know I do!  Hemp hemp hooray!  And some of you are here because you just want to smoke a little marijuana without getting arrested.  Congratulations!  You’re in on the secret.  You know how great cannabis hemp is.  Most people don’t care.  Most people couldn’t give an aeronautical intercourse.  It’s our job to make them care.

Tyler Williams and Ian Fignon of UCONN SSDP with LaResse Harvey, Organizer of the HempCT Global Marijuana March

Tyler Williams and Ian Fignon of UCONN SSDP with LaResse Harvey, Organizer of the HempCT Global Marijuana March

I don’t want to be up here preaching to the choir. I want to preach to the preachers! I want you to go out there and let everyone know how great cannabis hemp is and how truly devastating its prohibition is.  Prohibition is an evil and racist policy that’s decimating our inner cities and communities of color.

Just think of all the patients suffering because they can’t get their medicine. Remember all the people killed in drug war violence or arrested for marijuana.  The families torn apart.  They are all  MARTYRS of prohibition and we will not forget them!  Who’s going to be the Rosa Parks of the marijuana movement?  We need to refuse to sit in the back of the Canna-bus!

For over 70 years, the public has been brainwashed with lies, misinformation and Reefer Madness.  We need to turn Reefer Madness into Reefer Gladness!  If you use marijuana responsibly, let people know. Come out of the cannabis closet! Talk to your friends, talk to your family, tell your doctor, go on talk radio and people will see that cannabis consumers are normal people just like you and me.

Our government lies about medical marijuana.  It’s what I call a Catch-422.  They classify marijuana as a schedule I narcotic even though it’s been proven to be good for pain, nausea, Crohn’s, glaucoma, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, MS and many, many other ailments.  Their circular logic is really jerking patients around.  Tell the president and congress to de-schedule marijuana.

Wayward Bill, Colorado Cannabis Activist

Wayward Bill, Colorado Cannabis Activist

We are making great progress, step by step.  Dispensaries are about to open in Connecticut!  Yes!  It seems like every day another state is either passing a medical marijuana bill, a decrim bill  or an industrial hemp law.  And, they have flat out legalized marijuana in 2 states:  Colorado and Washington!  It’s incredible!

We are literally making history right now! Let me put this into perspective for you.  20 years from now, people will look back at us as visionaries that fundamentally changed society for the better.  How often do you have a chance to be involved with something this historic?

The cannabis revolution is happening and you can be part of it.  You’ve heard of the Dot.Com era?  Well, this is the Dot.Bong era and it’s going to blow that away.  Thousands of jobs are being created – millions in taxes are being paid – billions are being siphoned off of the black market.  And best of all, arrests for marijuana are going down!  Last year in Colorado alone, they arrested 10,000 fewer people for marijuana.  This is great!

This is the Green Rush!  People are needed to work at dispensaries selling marijuana. They need people to cultivate cannabis.  Who wants to grow marijuana for a living?  We need people to work in the laboratories that test marijuana.  They need people to produce and sell all sorts of ancillary products like grow lights, hydroponic systems, fertilizers, security systems, glass and vaporizers.  It’s amazing how many jobs are being created.

Keep in mind that politicians are going to fight us every step of the way.  We have to keep the pressure on them to make sure they implement our laws in a fair manner.  If they don’t, vote ‘em out and elect hemp friendly politicians.

Musical guest HannaH's Field

Musical guest HannaH’s Field

Every rally we hold is a baby step forward. Every law we pass, every dispensary that opens, every hemp product we buy is one baby step away from prohibition and towards a more compassionate society.  Speaking of baby steps, children with epilepsy are really benefitting from cannabis.  We must work to make sure children have access to medicinal cannabis if needed.  Now that’s a real baby step in the right direction!

Another way to move forward is to learn more about all aspects of cannabis hemp and its prohibition.  That’s what the Cannabis Curriculum is all about.  Educate yourself and Educate others!

If you’re a researcher, get a grant to study cannabis or hemp.  Have our government pay for your research.  That would be tremendous!

We need more research into all of the different delivery systems.  You don’t have to smoke marijuana to get its therapeutic benefits.  You can vaporize it, eat it, put it in tinctures, oils and salves. Some people are even juicing raw cannabis.  We need to determine which delivery system works best for different ailments.  That’s part of the Cannabis Curriculum.

We need to study the economics of prohibition. Analyze the high price of pharmaceuticals and calculate how much could be saved if more people used medical marijuana which you can grow for pennies on the dose.

Bridget Gow, Cindy Day (Organizer of the HempCT Global Marijuana March) and Sharon Warnock

Bridget Gow, Cindy Day (Organizer of the HempCT Global Marijuana March) and Sharon Warnock

We all know that the medical marijuana and recreational markets are going to be huge.  But guess what, there’s another entire industry being built from the ground up and that’s industrial hemp.  That’s right, hemp!

They used to grow hemp all up and down the Connecticut River Valley. We need someone to document the history of hemp in this great state. That would be a little historic Cannabis Curriculum!

Hemp is the green buffalo.  Native Americans used the entire buffalo to survive: hair, snoot, balls and all.   And you can use the entire cannabis plant to make all sorts of essential products: food, fuel, fabric, tree free paper, building materials, biodegradable plastic, medicine.  That’s why I call hemp the green buffalo.

The more hemp products we buy, the more pressure we can put on congress to legalize it.   And there are lots of great hemp products out there. I’m covered with hemp from hurd to tow: shoes, pants, shirt and hat.

This morning I showered with  Dr. Bronner’s hemp soap.  After I shaved,  I put hemp seed oil lotion on my face, I slapped on some hemp chap stick and I dabbed some hemp salve on a scrape. Hemp body care products are awesome!

And for breakfast this morning, I sprinkled some tasty shelled hemp seed on my cereal and for lunch I had a big glass of chocolate hemp milk. Hemp is the new superfood! It’s choc full of protein, fiber and essential fatty acids.  You don’t have to eat fish to get your omegas, eat hemp! It’s better for you and better for the fish.  Did you know that there are no known allergies to hemp foods?  Why is that?   I don’t know but we need more research to figure that out. It’s all part of the Cannabis Curriculum.

Do we have any entrepreneurs here?  Well, if you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of anything, hemp is it.  We also need people to invent new hemp products and start hemp companies.  The sky’s the limit and the possibilities are mind boggling!  But first, we have to legalize marijuana so that our farmers can grow hemp, patients will have easy access to their medicine and they stop arresting people for pot!

Lindsey Beck, who was Master of Ceremonies  and Cindy Day, lead organizer of the event.

Lindsey Beck, Master of Ceremonies and Cindy Day, lead organizer of the event.

Thanks for coming out today and thank you for everything you’re doing to fight prohibition.  Keep this in mind, though: even if we legalize marijuana tomorrow, our job’s not done.  It’s going to take years to build that trillion dollar cannabis hemp industry and even longer to erase the stigma of Reefer Madness.  We need you in the fight for the long haul.  This is a marathon and not a sprint.

We are ahead of our time.  We are anti-prohibition pioneers, the very tip of the spear.  The tip of the spear is going to pierce the heart of prohibition, releasing the prisoners, opening our minds, healing our bodies, cleaning our environment and strengthening our economy.  Join me today as we work towards a better tomorrow!   If not you, who?  If not now, when?  Thank you very much, keep up the fight and peace!