New Jersey: Petition To Allow Edible Marijuana For All Ages

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie forbids marijuana edible products for adults but is in favor of permitting them for minors. This is an inappropriate restriction. Marijuana edibles should be available for any patient, regardless of age,” says petitioner Jim Price from Cherry Hill, NJ.

Price is asking that citizens of New Jersey sign this petition in favor of allowing edible cannabis for patients who have found it efficacious for their medical conditions. For those not in New Jersey, the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ) has asked that the petition be shared on various social media networks and with family and friends living in the Garden State.

At a recent 420 Rally, executive Director of CMMNJ Ken Wolski said, “We feel there is no good faith from the Christie Administration, due to one obstruction and one delay after another…It is a crying shame to deny so many people access to a medical therapy. So many are suffering and dying needlessly.”