“Confront Chris Christie’s Cannabis Policies” 4/20 Rally at NJ Statehouse in Trenton

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There are lots of 4/20 events across the country, but for New Jersey residents who are fed up with Chris Christie’s marijuana policies, the Confront Christie rally at the Trenton Statehouse is the place to be this Sunday.

Ed Forchion, also known as NJ Weedman, is organizing the event along with other New Jersey cannabis activists. According to Forchion, the event is intended to draw national attention to Christie’s views.

“I want to get mainstream attention on Christie’s policies,” says Forchion. “His cannabis policies are disastrous for his presidential aspirations and at this 4/20 event, I want to highlight that this guy is out of touch and out of tune with the nation’s feelings on cannabis.”

Forchion also hopes to garner support for legislation recently introduced by Senator Nicholas Scutari that would legalize cannabis in the Garden State.

The event will feature the music of Tosh1 (Jamara McIntosh, son of legendary Peter “Legalize It” Tosh), as well as speakers including Ken Wolski of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey, Darrell Young, El Amir, Rose Bee (Princess Smokey), and James Damian Stewart.

Participants will gather at Veterans’ Memorial Park across from the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton at noon on April 20. At 2:00, peaceful protesters will lead a march from the Riverline Train Station in Trenton to the Statehouse.

Forchion hopes that concerned citizens as well as “everyday potheads” will join him at the event, which he views as a civil rights protest.

“I look at this whole entire War on Drugs as just as bad as segregation, just as bad as Jim Crow laws,” says Forchion. “That’s why I support the whole idea of non-violent, civil disobedience type of protest against the War on Drugs – we can create change and raise awareness.”

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