CBS Pulls Weedmaps’ New York City Billboard Ad

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UPDATE (4/13):
According to a company spokesperson, CBS attorneys have officially rejected Weedmaps’ marijuana advertising campaign:

“While Neutron, the owner of the electronic billboard, is giving Weedmaps a full refund, they did not (as of now) give Weedmaps a reason as to why the ad was denied by CBS attorneys, who have final say on what ads run on the billboard.”

Earlier this week, Weedmaps announced plans to advertise in New York City with 26-by-20 foot electronic billboard in Times Square. The graphic, reading “High, NYC” would be the Big Apple’s first mainstream marijuana advertisement, heralding the launch of Weedmaps’ New York City marijuana resource website, which the company describes as an effort to “bring about awareness of and mobilize a community for marijuana in advance of its legalization in New York City.” The 10-second electronic billboard advertisement was slated to appear on the CBS Super Screen on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

However, according to a Weedmaps spokesperson, the ad was pulled by CBS lawyers Wednesday just before its launch. The website, which the billboard campaign was intended to promote, is still up.

“We really have no idea why the advertisement was pulled,” said Justin Hartfield, Weedmaps CEO. “The purpose of the advertisement was to showcase our message to the public in a responsible manner. The owners of the signage enthusiastically approved the creative portion of the ad/concept and gave us the ‘all clear’ before CBS’s lawyers intervened.”

According to Hartfield, the advertisement currently remains “under review” by CBS lawyers. “At this point,” said Hartfield, “we’re keeping our ears to the ground in anticipation of what the advertising and network say before we take next steps. If cigarettes and alcohol can be advertised, why not marijuana?”