Lady Business: Colorado Growhouse Realtor Rona Hanson

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Image: Vanessa Waltz/Silverkind Cannabis Jewelry

Rona Hanson is Colorado’s next real estate agent.  Her company specializes in finding properties where people can safely grow marijuana in Colorado; her slogan is “Need Room to Grow?”

Rona Hanson

Rona Hanson

Although marijuana has been legalized in Colorado for both recreational and medicinal purposes and state residents are legally allowed to grow marijuana, there may still be rules and regulations in Colorado lease agreements, or with home owners associations (HOA) that could prohibit the cultivation of marijuana.  Additionally, growing marijuana violates city or county ordinances in some areas. Now that adults in Colorado can use and grow marijuana legally, Rona’s real estate company helps growers find ideal properties where they can grow safely without fear of being evicted or violating local laws.

Rona was born and raised in Colorado and says that she smoked marijuana in the 1960’s but hasn’t used cannabis since that time.  She loves Colorado and chose to raise her family there, often filling her weekends helping with marching band competitions for her daughters.  She recalls many, many summers where her swimming pool was filled with teenagers eating hamburgers and drinking sodas.  Rona says that she was strict with her children and although she talked to them about drugs and alcohol, she never allowed her children to use drugs and alcohol; instead she kept them busy with afterschool activities, and they often had an early curfew.  Today one of her daughters is a mathematician and the other daughter is an accomplished writer and one of the most up-and-coming event planners in Colorado.

Rona says that she began marketing toward medicinal and recreational personal marijuana growers after January 1, 2014 when Amendment 64 passed and allowed adults to grow marijuana in their homes.  In Colorado people may grow 12 plants per household or 6 per individual; more can be grown medicinally if you are a dedicated caregiver.

Rona refers to her company as “The Do-Gooder Team.”  Prior to marketing to personal marijuana growers, Rona specialized in finding homes for people with disabilities and elderly individuals who needed handicap accessible housing.  While Rona says finding homes already adapted to fit an individual in a wheelchair proved to be challenging, she still works extensively with people who are disabled in finding adaptive homes.

Rona with daughters Lauren (center) and Hillary (right)

Rona with daughters Lauren (center) and Hillary (right)

While working with her clients who had disabilities, she heard many stories of people struggling to find homes, doctors, medication, and assistance for their disability.  Many of her clients with disabilities told Rona that they experienced relief from the use of medicinal marijuana.

It was after speaking with her disabled clients that she realized there are many people looking for homes where they could safely grow a legal marijuana crop in Colorado.

She placed an advertisement on Craigslist in November 2013 advertising real estate services for people who wanted to purchase a home that had an adequate area to grow up to 12 marijuana plants.

On January 2, 2014 her first printed advertisement appeared in The Westword, a long-running local newspaper which features its own marijuana critic, the first in the country.  Her phone has been ringing ever since with people from not only within the state, but people around the entire country inquiring about how to make the move to Colorado.

The office gets many calls from individuals looking to rent personal property where they would be able to grow a recreational marijuana crop.  Rona says that in her experience she has only found 1 landlord out of thousands that she contacted who were willing to knowingly allow tenants to grow marijuana.

Landlords and property management companies have many concerns about renters growing even small amounts of marijuana.  Rona said the most common concerns of landlords, however misguided, were that a marijuana grow could permanently damage the property. Corporate rental companies also express concern that because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, their properties could be seized because of tenants growing marijuana.

Rona believes if you want to move to Colorado and grow marijuana safely and legally without fear of interference, the best plan is to own a home versus renting a home.  Homeowners have more legal protection when it comes to their property, and don’t have to worry about a landlord-initiated eviction for a crop.  Rona currently has several residential listings where a safe and effective marijuana grow would be possible throughout metro Denver and into the mountain regions.

Whether you have lived in Colorado your whole life or have just moved to Colorado, Rona is the real estate agent who can help you find room to grow.

To contact Rona Hanson, visit her website or call her office at 303-986-4300.