Attention Utah Rep. Patrice Arent: Medical Marijuana is Not a Joke

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The crowd stood and erupted into applause when a committee of the Utah House of Representatives approved the proposed “Hemp Extract Bill” HB0105 recently.

Rep Gage Froerer

Rep Gage Froerer

Many people applaud this bill, believing it is effectively legalizing cannabis in Utah.

It unfortunately does not.

HB0105 was designed to allow the purchase of low THC/high CBD cannabis oil for epileptic patients only, with no allowance for growing or generating the product in Utah. The oil allowed under the law is not actually a “hemp” extract; rather, it is an extract of a low THC/high CBD  cannabis plant. However, bill sponsors such as Representative Gage Froerer  have insisted the product be referred to as “Alepsia,” negating any reference to cannabis.

But even aside from the semantic/legal arguments about hemp vs. cannabis, and the controversy within the reform community about CBD-only legislation, some members of the Utah legislature are still apparently behind the curve in the most basic level of compassion.

The day after the meeting, Representative Patrice Arent tweeted the following message:  “Yesterday the House passed HB 105 (medicinal use of hemp extract) Today I’ve been offered brownies in the House 3 times.”

Rep. Patrice Arent

Rep. Patrice Arent

The response I sent to Representative Arent to this insensitive remark was: “That level of ignorance is sad and very disappointing, cannabis is medicine and needs to be respected as such, it is no joke.”

No response has been received as of the writing of this article. Why?  Does Representative Arent not have any smart ass comments or is she afraid of actually facing the reality that cannabis is REAL medicine?  Or, is she afraid of not being re-elected?

Whatever the reason, she owes Utah cannabis patients an explanation.

This level of ignorance should be shocking. However, anyone who follows Utah politics will agree it is sadly typical, which is why real cannabis activism is still necessary in Utah. Education is the key to legalization.