New Jersey: Legalization Bill Drop Imminent & Marijuana Myths Dispelled

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Won’t be long before Senator Nick Scutari drops a bill to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in NJ.  I’m guessing his marijuana legalization bill hits the hopper on (or about) March 25th.  For folks like me working to end marijuana prohibition, that’s good news.  But late March isn’t far off so we don’t have much time to dispel the gazillion or so marijuana myths which curtail our collective ability to enact sensible marijuana policy in New Jersey.

I can’t strike down all the reefer-madness but I can draft a top-ten list of myths that animate our current failed marijuana policy.

Marijuana Kills? 

 Marijuana does NOT kill. Notwithstanding the (unlikely) scenario of being murdered by someone named “Marijuana,” it’s never going to happen.  Even America’s deputy drug czar can’t think of a single example to back up the whole “Pot Kills” ruse. That’s because it’s a myth. So do yourself a favor and dispel yourself of the notion and focus on stuff that does actually kill.  Things like Oxycontin and crystal meth.

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