Reality Check: When Cops Lie, Patients Lose

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Photo: Tristan Schmurr

How Colorado’s North Metro Drug Task Force killed medical marijuana in Arkansas

Back in October of 2012, when Arkansas was getting ready to vote on medical marijuana, KARK sent reporter Marci Manly to Denver to get the real scoop on medical marijuana in Colorado.

While she was here she interviewed various individuals, including me, to get a wide perspective on how medical marijuana was doing in Colorado and whether or not it would be good for Arkansas.

Not one to miss an opportunity to use the media to spread Reefer Madness far and wide, Sgt. Jim Gerhardt of the North Metro Drug Task Force proceeded to tell fictional tales of psychotic teens and increased traffic fatalities all to illustrate the evils of medical marijuana in Colorado.

“We’re making more arrests for marijuana related crimes than we did five years ago,” says Sergeant Jim Gerhardt. “Because it’s so out of control here.”

Sergeant Gerhardt doesn’t consider medical marijuana a flaw-free operation.

“There are huge huge gaps in the regulatory scheme,” he says.

A recent sweep by law enforcement found more than 100 cases where medical marijuana was grown in legal facilities had been diverted for illegal use.

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