Rhetorical Question: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The internet, from entertainment personalities to politicians, from news outlets to blogs, social websites and beyond, are ablaze with the provocative question:

Should cannabis be legal?

Simply Stated:
The short answer to this morphing, deceptively simple question is emphatically and unequivocally, YES.

More Specifically:
This seemingly uncomplicated question actually requires a thoughtful and emotive personal response worthy of the abomination created by social, legal, and statutory policies collectively known as cannabis prohibition – heinous policies fought through the ravenous beast known as the War on Drugs, a war that hinders, threatens, and destroys so many aspects of the human experience over what is easily argued as the most bountiful, beneficial, and benign plant known to humanity: cannabis.

Every concerned individual can and should consider their personal experience and philosophy in order to explain how and why these policies need to change.

Individual Person
As a person who uses marijuana both recreationally and medicinally, I desire, for my cohorts, my opponents, and myself, the freedom to choose cannabis and its endocannabinoid system friendly phytocannabinoid-constituents as safer and healthier recreational and medicinal substances without risk of suffering the inane and destructive legal consequences brought about by the unconstitutional and inhuman moralist policies of cannabis prohibition.

Citizen Advocate
As an advocate for full, global legalization of cannabis, I strive to change minds by educating publicly and privately on the harms of social, legal, and governmental policies of cannabis prohibition, which deprive citizens of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness over what is arguably the most medically, industrially, agriculturally, and, yes, recreationally beneficial plant known to humanity.

JailDOC Detainee
I’ve spent time in jail for cannabis possession and a cannabis DWI as well as many plead out misdemeanor charges that have inhibited my life and compounded my mental and emotional, health issues. This helps me to empathize with those trapped in confinement for long terms and understand some, but not all, of the negative health impacts the events the compose the process of arrest, prosecution, and detention.

I can attest to the many effects low-level convictions have: limiting employment opportunities and future prospects; imposing unnecessary and burdensome fines, probation, and or jail time that only serves to harm both the individual and the society; compounding and or inducing mental, emotional, and physical health issues; and turning otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals. This all comparatively pales against the historic backdrop of those victims incarcerated throughout the world who’ve faced and continue to face harsh, long-term confinement while housed with criminals and all too often detained by criminals; the risk of sexual abuse and or physical assault and or being killed by inmates and/or corrections officers; solitary confinement, torture and other barbaric forms of treatment as moral retribution; and, for some, death at the hands of merciless States’ merciless minions to appease the morally merciless.

Resistance Conscript
I can explore my view of myself as someone who was conscripted by my misdemeanor misadventures with the law into a resistance against my wayward government and how that relates to my thoughts on the concept of cannabis consumers, growers, processors, distributors, transporters, wholesalers, and retailers who love cannabis and its benefits.

People who understand the legal, social, political, communal, and familial risks through research and/or personal experience and knowingly commit acts of peaceful, civil rebellion are members of an agricultural resistance movement conscripted by their willing acts of defiance to their government’s unjust and inhuman prohibition laws and War on Drugs.

Class Warfare/Unfortunate Son
As a person born into a lower middle class family whose parents divorced after about five years and three kids, dad and I then ended up living with my grandma. Within a few years dad was in an accident then he, grandmother and I and we ended up poor. I can utilize that to explore how cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs disproportionately disaffect poor and minority communities.

As a member of a poor family, I know from experience how crippling even misdemeanor cannabis convictions are to an individual’s ability to receive a proper education, find a fulfilling career, start a family, and/or support aging parents, which are just a few of the ways in which the abysmal policies of cannabis prohibition damage and destroy lives, damage and destruction that compounds exponentially when poor and minority communities become targets of law enforcement officers and police SWAT units who aggressively and ruthlessly turn these neighborhoods into war-torn battlegrounds littered with the rubble of the crushed dreams and shattered lives of the walking dead.

Centrist Moderate
I am  someone who sees the need for a robust government, one that is large enough to establish a strong and responsive military for national defense; enable and facilitate vital interstate and international commerce while protecting the consumers rights to safe, high quality, and affordable goods; serves and products; serve the needs of the all our people from the most able to the least able; and defend the Constitution of We the People from threats both domestic and foreign.

Hemp can help heal our planet.

Hemp can help heal our planet.

Idealistic Dreamer/Environmentalist
As a dreamer, I envision within Earth’s near future when all people are free to utilize this plant to rest and relax with as they relieve stress and pressure; to treat illness with minimal or no use of often unnecessary and harmful prescription drugs; to grow healthy families, communities, and agricultural and industrial sub sectors with environmentally friendly consumer goods; to help change the world’s economies’ fuel from fossil fuels to develop green economies and potentially avert to study to explore all these wondrous things and potentially many more free of unnecessary use of toxic and all too often carcinogenic pesticides.

Human Being/Humanitarian
As a human being, I am appalled at seeing this nation and others around the world persist in pursuing what collectively comprise the failed and fruitless policies of cannabis prohibition fought through the War on Drugs, which do nothing but waste time, resources, and, most importantly, human lives; all to maintain a sense of political, moral superiority.

Furthermore, these moralists who invented, implemented, and maintain these contrived, counterproductive social and governmental policies are destroying family after family; tearing apart poor and minority communities; crippling our systems of governance; eating away at our inalienable, enumerated and unenumerated civil and human rights; and hurting humans and humanity by preventing the full use of this most versatile and valuable plant.

Consequently, humanity languishes in this sadistic, moralistic-fool’s paradise. This tragedy of errors prevents things like the promise of a plant that can help heal the sick and prevent illness; nutritiously feed people, families, and communities around the world; provide materials for low-cost, high-efficiency housing and homes; promote economic, agricultural, industrial, and social growth; and take advantage of a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly agricultural and industrial products, techniques, and methods.

Honestly, enough is enough! It is time to end the games, this prohibition destroys lives and kills people, all over a plant that heals people and has the potential to save lives.