Post Holiday De-Stressing: 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself

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The holidays are over, along with holiday stress. But now it’s back to work, back to school, and back to the same-old same-old, which can be even less cool than Christmas dinner with the in-laws or that awkward holiday party at the office. While you may be experiencing some sense of relief that it’s all done until next December, lots of us also get a major case of the “blahs” this time of year. Here are some of our favorite ways to chase away the winter blues:

1. Post-holiday Sales – Still thinking about that special whatever that didn’t appear under your tree this year? If your credit cards aren’t totally maxed out, this is the time to shop! January is historically the slowest month for shopping, so retailers pull out all the stops to keep sales up. In addition to supporting local shops with killer deals, we’re digging internet offers like Godiva Chocolates‘ annual 40% off sale.



2. Spa Time – Retailers aren’t the only ones with great deals going on…Why not pamper yourself with a massage or a spa day? If you’re on a budget, grab a bottle of wine (also on sale) and some bubble bath (ditto), light some candles, and soak your stress away at home. We found some amazing pine-scented Christmas-leftover candles at Target for next to nothing, but if you prefer to shop independent retailers, check out hundreds of candles marked down post-holidays on etsy or better yet, get some Vedge Candles — premium quality soy candles made in beautiful, reusable Weck Jars.

3. Buy Yourself Flowers – Craving spring already? Fake it with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers in your bedroom, and visualize sunny days ahead. There is actually scientific research supporting the emotionally healing properties of floral arrangements, so if you need an easy mood-booster, head down to your local florist and get yourself some instant happiness.

4. Go Sledding – If you hate cold weather, you may be reluctant to go walking in a winter wonderland, let alone actually do anything physical in the out of doors. However, it’s no secret that exercise eases symptoms of depression and anxiety, and activities like sledding and adult snowball fights are sure ways to bring out your inner child. When you’re tired and sore afterwards, reward yourself with #2, adding an extra glass of wine for your efforts.

5. Visit Colorado – Now that Colorado has legal weed, it’s time to schedule that trip to Denver. Spirit Airlines is getting lots of publicity for their “Mile High” deals on flights with “fares so low, they’re barely legal!”, and there’s no shortage of great spots to stay all around the state. Our favorite: the Boulder Outlook Hotel, a green, zero-waste destination with great prices on rooms and a super cool lagoon-style indoor pool. We can’t think of a more perfect way to de-stress and pamper – now is the time to take a few days off work, pack your bags, and go for it!