Parents 4 Pot

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Parents 4 Pot is a new organization that is quickly growing in membership. According to the group’s website, “Parents 4 Pot is a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis prohibition.”

handThrough direct action campaigns and community education projects, the group is working to eliminate the social stigma surrounding adults who are responsible cannabis users, as well as parents who choose to treat their children’s illnesses with medical marijuana.

“It is no longer okay for society to treat us as lesser citizens, violate our privacy, and undermine our parenting because we choose to use a safe, enjoyable, and helpful plant,” says Mickey Martin, one of the organization’s founders. “We are people’s neighbors, friends, family members and the guy who works at your local Starbucks. We are not criminals, and we certainly are not bad parents.”

The Parents 4 Pot website includes a blog with helpful and timely articles focusing on topics like guidelines on medical dosing and suggestions for talking with children about marijuana.

Families like Josh Heintzelman's have been torn about by the war on cannabis PHOTO:

Families like Josh Heintzelman’s have been torn apart by the war on cannabis

Currently, the organization is running their first annual “POW Holiday Drive” which will provide gifts to the children of incarcerated victims of America’s war on cannabis.

The group also has an active Facebook page that has generated great interest and support, with more than 5,000 members signing on since its launch in mid-November, and support for the group continues to grow.

“It is time for us to organize and give a voice to those of us in society who like weed,” says Martin. “Parents 4 Pot will work to present clear, concise fact based evidence to our community and policy makers until real and meaningful change happens.”