REVIEW: Health Warrior Coconut Chia Bar

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We’re just bonkers over the magical fruit that is the coconut (it’s actually kind of a fruit, nut and a seed but whatever!). We discovered  the Health Warrior Chia Bar in Coconut while on a weekly grocery trip and not only is it delicious but the compact package can fit into the palm of a hand or three to an average-sized pocket. (We did not try the pocket trick until we paid for the product and went home, for the record.)

With only 110 calories, 1000 mg of Omega 3, 4g of fiber and 3g of protein, this little tiny cute package of yum is our new favorite just-sweet-enough treat for eating well but also perfect for a gnosh when in need of a quality munchy minus the guilt that crap snacks offer.  Yummy white chia seeds provide popping crunchy fun and other delicious ingredients like brown rice syrup, organic cashew butter, unsweetened coconut, gluten-free rolled oats, organic agave syrup, organic brown rice crisps, sea salt, almond meal, vanilla extract and organic sunflower oil make this a decadent but light delight.  Health Warrior Chia Bars are soy-free, dairy-free, certified gluten-free and 100% vegan as well.

Health Warrior also makes the Chia Bars in acai berry, apple & cinnamon, banana nut, coffee, and chocolate peanut butter!  What? What?? Yes, you read that right. Enjoy!