REVIEW: Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil

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No, this isn’t one of those hemp-based CBD oils that are such a hot topic right now; it’s just for eating, and it’s delicious.

Manitoba Harvest is a Canadian company that played an instrumental role in legalizing industrial hemp in Canada. According to the company’s website, they are the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer, and grew 60% of Canada’s hemp in 2012. The company’s mission calls for continuing hemp advocacy and education, as well as sustainable practices from field to table, making Manitoba Harvest products a great choice for socially and environmentally conscious hemp loving folks.

In addition to the ever-popularĀ Hemp Hearts, Manitoba Harvest manufactures a range of hemp food products including protein powders and oils.

When I first opened a bottle of Mantitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Oil, I was quite impressed with its vivid, translucent green color. The scent of the oil is nutty and rich, in the fragrant realm of a strong oil like sesame rather than milder oils such as standard olive, soybean, or canola. The container recommends use in raw products like salads and dips, and warns not to cook at temperatures exceeding 350 degrees.

Since I’ve been looking for a new oil for cooking, I gave it a shot at a low temperature, which yielded mixed results: while it added a deliciously warm and nutty essence to flavorful vegetarian products like falafel patties, it overpowered the taste of blander veggie burgers.

For this reason, I was concerned that it would overwhelm a salad when used as the oil in a vinaigrette, but to my surprise and delight, it was the perfect ingredient in the most delicious oil-and-vinegar dressing I’ve ever tasted, adding warm notes of freshness and drawing out the flavors in each element of a simple garden salad.

The container includes a dressing recipe calling for garlic and herbs, but the ease of simply mixing it with balsamic or red wine vinegar is a great way to boost a delicious salad with an extra dash of nutritiously flavorful wow factor.

Overall product rating: two green thumbs enthusiastically up.