A Selection Of Poetry From A Cannabis Activist

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My Friends

Mic checkers
People evolvers
Stars of many skies
Life givers
Spark makers


One Day

I will return to mother
Beyond the stars
Beyond dark nights
Beyond days where
I may have seen her
In the morning mist
Before one is fully awake
I will tell her
About my journey
About how hard it was
To not come running
After her so many years ago
When she made her way
Through the veil
Without me
One day
I will return to mother
I will lay my head down
Upon her lap
She will give me the peace
I have sought
Soothing all those years
Without her
That were like lightning
Striking upon the doors
Of my sad heart
One day
When I return to mother
I will finally be able
To sleep
Through the night.


Magic Keys

Just because
They’re invisible
Does not mean
They do not exist
Your eyes
Are for one dimension
Your hopes
For another
Our wishes
Create manifestation
Maybe you’ll get
What you want
Maybe you’ll get
What you didn’t know
You wanted
Magic keys
Are everywhere
But they do not unlock
You unlock
You are the key
They are the unlocking
Of You
As you are now
Be free
And see
The veil is thin
Do not be thick



A true poet
Never rests
Is never spared
Can never dig
Deep enough
Though lava flows
Though bombs explode
There they are
Walking over mines
A thousand times.