Debuts Oct. 15

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PHOTO: Cannabis Now/Source: The Leaf Online

The Leaf is back – October 15th.

In just a few years, noted authors and activists Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris built the West Coast Leaf into one of the largest cannabis publications in the world. With a circulation of 175,000, the print edition became a staple of the cannabis industry in the western United States through its authoritative coverage of a rapidly changing landscape.

Then, in early 2013, Conrad and Norris announced that the Leaf was going on hiatus.

Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad protest on the streets of Oakland, CA last June during Obama's visit to the Fox Theater. PHOTO: Diane Fornbacher

Mikki Norris & Chris Conrad protest in Oakland, CA June 2012 during Obama’s visit to the Fox Theater.
PHOTO: Diane Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine

Now, after an eight-month absence, the West Coast Leaf is back in a new all-digital edition. The West Coast Leaf News Service ( offers the same excellent reporting that distinguished the print edition, now for blogs and print publications looking to enhance their coverage of one of the world’s top growth industries; and the Leaf Online brings together all of the news and analysis of the Leaf’s extensive network of activists and reporters to provide the most thought-provoking cannabis content anywhere on the web.

Beginning Tuesday, October 15th, will go live with the full archive of all past Leaf coverage plus new cutting-edge content from the front lines of legalization. Join Chris and Mikki as they take “the cannabis newspaper of record” into the digital age. The WCL News Service is live now; email to sign up your publication.
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