REVIEW: Extreme Soap Nuts Shampoo

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by Sarah Miranda

NaturOli's Extreme Hair Soap Nuts Shampoo, 160z, $20 Click to buy!

NaturOli’s Extreme Hair Soap Nuts Shampoo, 160z, $20
Click to buy!

Having to washing my hair used to be something I hated. I would see strands fall off my head and into the drain. I kept telling myself that wasn’t normal. But, I continued washing and using the same or different products in hopes my results would change.

My scalp would itch and breakouts would crop up around my hairline. My hair was dull and lifeless when it would dry so I would have to add leave-in conditioners, heat protectors and shine enhancers to get a somewhat a decent hairstyle.

Throughout the day, my hair would snap when I ran my fingers through it. I made a decision to detox my hair, and I couldn’t be happier with this all natural gluten-free shampoo: NaturOli’s EXTREME Hair Soap Nuts Shampoo has changed my life.

What to expect:

  • Shine
  • Zero shedding
  • Healthier scalp
  • Elimination of conditioners
  • Savings
  • Low carbon footprint

First time users:

Be prepared for a ratty, matted mess after the first few uses. With continued use, it does get easier to manage. Resist trying to add any other product to your hair as it will delay the great results of the soap berries. But, the owners say a little olive oil to help detangle the hair a bit won’t hurt. My hair took about six washes before I saw big results although my hair and scalp became extremely healthy after only the second wash.

I love this product so much I use it on my children hair too! NutriOil products are bottled, produced and sold in the USA.