Stylin’ Hemp Clothes And Accessories On Etsy

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Hemp for a Healthy Future via Hemp History Week:

Hemp is the distinct oilseed and fiber varieties of the plant species Cannabis sativa L. It is a tall, slender, fibrous plant that has been cultivated worldwide for over 10,000 years.

A nutrition powerhouse, hemp is also an environmentally sustainable solution for potentially thousands of products ranging from body care to plastics, paper, textiles, building materials and even ethanol. With a rapidly expanding market for hemp products, cultivating hemp is an untapped opportunity for American farmers…[CLICK HERE for more info on the incredible hemp plant!]

Pretty Birdie’s Hemp Linen Suit Jacket 

by Stephanie Teague

hemp blazer

This one is definitely an investment at $265 but Stephanie Teague’s designs are rife with eco-responsible and finely tailored clothing. A casual but classic cut, we’re jealous of anyone who owns a piece of her collection.

Help get hemp legalized overall in this  country and maybe we won’t have to go green with envy for much longer. Also in the shop, Pretty Birdie’s Perfect Hemp Denim Blazer, which is to DIE FOR! Teague is a fan of “high end organic and sustainable fabrics  mixed with a little vintage and antique recycling”, including bamboo, soy and organic cotton.

Swallow Spin Wrap Skirt in Hemp Muslin and Organic Cotton

by Mnemosynedesigns



Lovely and graceful, Theran swallows give off a hieroglyphic feel in this color-customizable and eco-conscious skirt. Check out their store on Etsy and delight in all their other sharp and sustainable threadery.

We’re big fans of the bamboo/organic cotton custom made ‘Not for the Faint of Heart’ halter dress. Sassy to the max!

Vegan Guitar Strap-Nesting Design featuring Fair Trade Organic Hemp Linen

by Island Provisions


Highly reviewed Etsy store Island Provisions is where it’s at when it comes to strong hemp and cotton canvas guitar straps. This Asian-inspired beauty has wide support and is a flexible fit for different sizes with a D-ring adjuster. Customers love the strong stitching and as such, is suitable for electric guitars as well. Support your art, shoulders and cottage industry crafts with this beautiful piece.

A Bit of Lace Hemp Triangle Scarf in Midnight Blue

by The Art of Zen Crochet


This dignified crocheted hemp triangle scarf makes a lady look altogether casual and complex and comes in all kinds of beautiful hues like raspberry and sprout green. Keep cool or warm as hemp is as versatile for your personal climate control in any kind of weather.

ISLE OF CAPRI Czech Glass Beaded Wrap Hemp Bracelet

by BrOkEnStRaW

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.39.54 AM

Like berries on a branch, these Czech glass beads meander between the knotted hemp twine beautifully clasped with a mother of pearl button. BrOkEnStRaW’s hemp jewelry is a departure from heavy styled pieces reminiscent of the 90’s and are easier to remove for storing when not being shown off.

Hemp and Vintage Hmong Textiles Wrap Skirt – Utility Belt

by SevenBillionBuddhas

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.44.28 AM

This vibrant boho mini-skirt is whimsical as well as utilitarian. The pocket is not a simple accent but a real storage area. Midnight blue hemp fabric and real vintage Thai coins lightly sway and jingle as you swish them around and whistle while you work, sashay and turn. Can be worn front or side oriented and looks great with bare legs, leggings, knee-high socks or with flats. Cute! Cute! Cute!

Hemp Purse with Blue Screen Printed Flower 

by SirTom


Hemp exterior and silk interior, this nickel-framed purse is great for a casual or dressy occasion. The hand cut stencil is screen printed with blue water-based ink and is pretty as punch just like you! And hemp = awesome!

Hemp and Organic Cotton Apron with Red and White Stripes 

by attitudeandapron

Okay, so this is supposed to be a half apron and yes, we can see that it would make an excellent and stylish one! We also think this could be just a great skirt paired with a sexy tank top or sweater. As for cooking, if you don’t mind not using it for other apparel purposes, strong hemp and organic cotton is perfect for endurance in the kitchen, BBQ-ing and catering because hemp is one of the strongest fibers known to humankind for centuries. It’s stylish and durable. Oh, hemp, you make our hearts sing. You make everything…groovy. Hemp thing!

Midi Wrap Skirt in Hemp / Recycled PET dobby

by SimonesRoseBoutique

67% Hemp combined with 33% Recycled PET*, this skirt is mid-calf and can be color customized by the designer. The design is comfy and versatile – dresses up a casual look and is apropos for evening too! A conscientious staple for all seasons.

*”The most common uses of PET is as a packaging material and its use as a raw material for bottles and other containers of consumer goods. Some of these are used in bottles for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, edible oils, pharmaceuticals, and detergents. PET is one of the most common plastics being used by consumers. These products are recycled and turned into fibers through special manufacturing processes and in turn, these are made into textiles” – info via designer SimonesRoseBoutique.

Trillium Headband/Stretchy Hemp and Organic Cotton

 by CircleCreations

Trillium, which is the native flower of Ontario, is featured here and made with salvaged leather scraps and a locally made wooden button. The double layered stretchy band is comprised of 53% hemp and 43% organic cotton. Absolutely delightful and a beautifully understated accessory, it gets the Ladybud stamp of approval.