REVIEW: Pure Ayre Natural Odor Eliminator

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Sometimes life gets smelly. Whether you are cooking a delicious fish curry, have pets or are enjoying legal cannabis (depending on where you live), sometimes you need to get the smell out.

Pure Ayre, 4-pack 14oz. bottles, $25 Click to buy!

Pure Ayre, 4-pack 14oz. bottles, $25
Click to buy!

Many of us have been addicted to other air fresheners, because, well, it works. It has always been a reliable way to not just cover up smells but to seemingly lift them from fabrics.

But here is to a natural alternative, that also happens to be cheaper. PureAyre contains only natural ingredients and is “food grade” which means it is safe to eat, but really not at all worth eating. PureAyre is also cruelty-free and packaged in biodegradable containers.

It has a clean minty smell that gently removes offending scents without nauseating perfumes, and it’s highly effective. Seriously, spray some on an unwashed coat or that dirty shirt you really want to wear.

It can be utilized in a variety of ways and is affordable enough to keep wherever you think you will need it; the home, office, car or in your purse!